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Growing up with two rambunctious brothers and a sister made for a lively and interesting childhood for Donna , to say the least . Then add to the mix a menagerie of family pets ranging from puppies and kittens to snakes , hamsters , mice , turtles , and a parakeet or two along the way . One ( aka Donna ’ s mom ) would say that the family had their very own petting zoo .
Donna was the softhearted , unapologetic rescuer of the family , who would bring home any and every stray that needed love and attention . Even their yellow parakeet was rescued after being found fluttering near a Delta Airline jet as the family was seeing mom off . So , it was only fitting that the family name the bird Delta . Donna ’ s innate need to rescue endured as a single mother of three children . She continued to open her arms and doors , adopting a couple of stray puppies to eventually become a family of six . Today Donna is the proud doting grandmother of two precious pooches and one fancy feline .
As the publisher of multiple print publications and a seasoned advertising professional with more than 25 years of experience , Donna always kept her eyes and ears open to the next community need . With animal adoptions on the rise and a more and more pet companions catering to their fur baby ’ s every desire , it became apparent to Donna that there was a growing need for a publication that focused solely on the welfare and lifestyle of family pets . And so was born Pup & Purr Magazine , which she is excited and honored to unleash to the Greater New Orleans area and beyond .
The proud mom of three rescue Chihuahuas , Cheryl has shared the majority of her life with pets including dogs , fish , cats and even a turtle . Her fascination with animals began in grammar school after watching a documentary about legendary chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall . “ I remember coming home from school that day and telling my mom that I had figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up-- a monkey studier , I enthusiastically proclaimed !” While that dream was never realized , Cheryl is thrilled to be a founding partner of Pup & Purr Magazine and looks forward to bringing fun , engaging and informative articles to the animal loving community .
Born and raised in the New Orleans area , Cheryl graduated from Louisiana State University with a BA in Journalism . She discovered a passion for marketing , public relations , advertising , and event planning as an intern with the Audubon Nature Institute when assisting with the opening of the Aquarium of the Americas . Having spent nearly 10 years in the magazine industry , Cheryl is delighted to combine her love of animals with her media expertise .
A devotee of all things New Orleans , Cheryl writes a food column for The French Quarterly Magazine and regularly attends local festivals and cultural events . She is a supporter of several charities including the LA SPCA , New Orleans Jazz Museum , New Orleans City Park , and Audubon Nature Institute . She and her husband enjoy spending time with their beloved Chihuahua fur babies , traveling , entertaining and experiencing the best of NOLA .
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