Pulse September 2020 - Page 75

WANT TO SHARE YOUR STORY? Visit peopleofispa.com and click “Share your story.” We can’t wait to hear from you! Our ISPA community is full of diverse talents and inspiring stories, all working towards the same goal: a healthier world. Katlyn Hatcher IF THERE IS ONE LESSON to take away from Katlyn Hatcher’s story, it may be this: never underestimate the power of a single web search. Now a 10-year veteran of the spa industry who, since 2016, has served as Director of Spa and Wellness at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Hatcher started her career in a very different place. “I was working in sales after graduating college and felt very uninspired. I just wasn’t passionate about the role and felt I wanted a job where I could make more of an impact with people. I got a position at a local day spa planning events and guest services. I thought this would just be a transition while I “figured it out,” but I completely fell in love with all things spa! I wanted to learn and grow in the industry, and I remember I Googled “Best Spa East Coast” and found Nemacolin.” While she says that her professional role keeps her consistently challenged and engaged, it’s being a mom to three children under the age of four that has pushed her limits in the most profound ways. “Motherhood is interesting because it seemingly makes your life more complicated— schedule-wise and responsibility-wise. At the same time, it deeply centered me and simplified my priorities. Being a working mom also gave me more empathy; we’re all human beings doing a job with different circumstances, a nd the more we can appreciate that fact and support each other as human beings with lives, the more we can flourish in our work.” Though the pandemic has limited her ability to travel— something Hatcher says she can’t wait to get back to—she has used the time to pursue those simple pleasures extensively, soaking up family time and spending her spare hours hiking, swimming or simply enjoying a glass of wine on her back patio. Also an animal lover, Hatcher used the quarantine period to help some feline friends and serve her community at the same time. “I try to focus locally with my time and resources as much as possible,” she says. During her spa’s COVIDrelated closure, she worked with a colleague to spay or neuter and find homes for the growing stray cat population in her area. Nemacolin, she proudly notes, also sponsors local families every year to provide Christmas gifts for victims of domestic violence. Recent months may have been challenging, but Hatcher says it’s the simple things—kids, family, the outdoors—that she focuses on at the ends of workdays that are both hectic and fulfilling. Avoiding TV, which she calls a guilty pleasure, has helped too. “I gave up TV four months ago and I haven’t looked back, but during quarantine time, I started a record collection. I love to light some candles and listen to my record player at home. My kids get excited about who gets to place the needle. It’s been a great conversation piece!” n SEPTEMBER 2020 ■ PULSE 63