Pulse September 2020 - Page 74

Meet DR. BRENT BAUER ISPA MEDICAL ADVISOR • DIRECTOR MAYO CLINIC COMPLEMENTARY AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE • ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA WHETHER YOU’VE BUMPED INTO HIM DURING THE ISPA CONFERENCE & EXPO or caught his recent appearance as the co-star of an ISPA video resource for reopening spas, Dr. Brent Bauer is likely a familiar face to many members of the ISPA family. In addition to his role as Research Director of the Integrative Medicine Program at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Bauer is also a member of the ISPA Foundation Board, where he serves as medical advisor. Though some may still see the worlds of traditional medicine and spa as disconnected, that was never the case for Dr. Bauer. “As a medical student at Mayo Medical School, I was taught to consider the whole person in front of me—mind, body and spirit,” he says. “I quickly realized that medicine could address many of my patients’ needs, but not all of them. This led to a lifelong interest in the ‘other’ therapies and approaches my patients were using—ranging from herbs and acupuncture to massage and tai chi. As my own research—and that of many others—increasingly showed the value of many of these therapies, I then realized the need to integrate the best of both worlds. Colleagues in the spa world welcomed my interest and showed me how spa can be a complement to the high-tech care of modern medicine. Ruth Stricker eventually invited me to join the ISPA Foundation Board and the experience led me to become the Medical Advisor for ISPA, a role I have been honored to serve in for the past 10 years.” His professional duties have certainly kept him busy in recent months, but even doctors must find creative ways to fill the time during a global pandemic. Bauer, a self-described packrat, has a particular affinity for collecting oldschool wares. “I have a unique ability to transform cash into antique medical devices and vinyl records. Simultaneously, I can transform an empty basement into an overflowing one.” The only thing Dr. Bauer likes more than adding new records to his collection is listening to them, which he describes as his favorite thing to do in his spare time. During the pandemic, however, Dr. Bauer has found additional ways to pass the time and relieve stress, some conventional and some, well, not so much. Sure, there is the favorite TV show (Peaky Blinders), the preferred form of exercise (cycling) and the curbside delivery guilty pleasure (Buffalo Wild Wings), but when he really needed to break up the monotony, Dr. Bauer opted for something a little more interesting. When it came time for the dozens of evergreen trees on his property to be trimmed, Dr. Bauer took matters into his own hands, removing the excess growth and starting a bonfire from the trimmings. A cozy campfire, however, this was not. In Dr. Bauer’s estimation, the flames reached more than 20 feet into the air. ISPA is still waiting for word from Dr. Bauer about how the marshmallows turned out. YEARS 30 STRONG 62 PULSE ■ SEPTEMBER 2020