Pulse September 2020 - Page 71

RESOURCE PARTNERS GETTING BACK TO WORK 54% LIMITED NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES ALLOWED TO RETURN TO OFFICE Resource Partner Roundup AS SPAS REOPEN, resource partners are beginning to return to normal operation. 54 percent of resource partner respondents stated that a limited number of employees were allowed to return to the office, and 7 percent said all employees could return. 32 percent, however, still have all employees working remotely. Work travel is still significantly restricted, with 82 percent of resource partner respondents still prohibiting it. 7% ALL EMPLOYEES ALLOWED TO RETURN TO OFFICE 32% EMPLOYEES STILL WORKING REMOTELY 82% WORK TRAVEL PROHIBITED Data Dive THIS MONTH’S FEATURED STAT: 20 percent of spas—that’s one in every five—had no planned reopening date as of the June Snapshot Survey. This is a number to track in any future Snapshot Surveys, especially as some areas of the United States roll back their reopening plans as COVID-19 cases surge once more. Even the Best Laid Plans EVERY SPA HAS HAD TO MAKE TWEAKS AFTER OPENING; remaining flexible is the only way to succeed in the rapidly changing environment around COVID-19. The June Snapshot Survey asked respondents what they’ve adjusted after reopening; here’s what they had to say. l l l “We had to adjust the length of the face shields so that estheticians could turn their heads and [we] need to find something to help with the face shield fogging up.” “Time between services. The first month was 20 minutes, next month will be 15 minutes.” “Did not initially call back the support staff because we didn’t think we’d be that busy. I was so wrong. We needed way more support staff to help with call volume and responding to inquiries.” n FEATURED IN PULSE Want to see your spa featured in Member Perspectives or Sound Off? Answer the Pulse add-on questions at the end of the monthly Snapshot Survey and a member of the ISPA team may reach out to you about participating in an upcoming story. RENEW WHILE Reopening IDEAS FOR GROWING YOUR BUSINESS IN AN EVER-CHANGING WORLD SEPTEMBER 2020 ■ PULSE 59