Pulse September 2020 - Page 69

SOUND OFF DO YOU EVER WONDER how your peers would handle a situation? Maybe you’re curious what other leaders in the spa industry have to say on a certain subject. In Sound Off, we ask ISPA members from differing backgrounds, countries and companies the same question and see how their answers compare. THIS MONTH’S QUESTION: “Upon reopening your spa, did you raise or lower your pricing to compensate for increased sanitation costs or reduced amenities?” ANGELA CORTRIGHT VP Spa Operations Spa Gregories TRACY HARPER Director of Spa& Wellness The Spa at sun valley PAM MAES Spa Director Mirbeau Inn and Spa THERESE MARTIRENA Director of Spa The Dolder Grand Spa “We have maintained our normal pricing and have reduced/eliminated discounts despite having to curb the availability of amenities. The cost of increased sanitation is offset by the reduced cost of other amenities. We quickly established several outdoor cabanas in order to provide safe and legal spa services.” “With the additional sanitary guidelines, we have been able to keep our pricing the same while still maintaining our overall costs, which remain in-line with our current revenue stream. This is mainly due to having many of the guidelines already in place prior to closing with a few additions we implemented “Despite the increased sanitation costs, we opted to maintain our normal pricing and even introduced ‘Welcome Back’ specials to encourage guests to book multiple or longer services to de-stress and enjoy our sanctuary. This helped to reduce our capacity while still preserving revenue. Due to this choice, we find that de- “We didn’t increase the prices. This wouldn’t be fair to the customer. The sanitation is nothing exceptional, it should be a standard these days. We don’t charge for masks either. We don’t want to punish the end-customer with a new strategy. It was horrible enough for everybody. I think this is part of caring when reopening to provide mand for our services re- and giving back. Let’s help additional comfort [and] mains constant and guests each other.” n safety for our team and continue to feel safe within guests.” our facility.” SEPTEMBER 2020 ■ PULSE 57