Pulse September 2020 - Page 66

TALENT TOPICS CONTINUED 2. Reflect Next, as a compassionate leader, you can help people reflect upon and recall specific ways they’ve already demonstrated adaptability throughout their lives and work; they can then rely on this innate capacity to navigate through uncertainty with resilience. Another tool to utilize as a leader is to help your associates reflect on what they can be grateful for. Joel Wong, a psychotherapist, states that “like getting enough sleep, exercising and eating well to counter stress, gratitude has been shown to improve mental health, renew energy and hope, and encourage self-improvement.” Consider having your employees keep a gratitude journal and write down three things daily that they are grateful for in their life right now. Or, have them commit to expressing gratitude to someone at least once a day. It could be a client, a co-worker or someone they interact with throughout their day. 3. Reframe When we are tired from stress, we tend to see negative messages and threats more readily than opportunities and positive messages. Challenge your team to ask if they are asking joy-producing questions or junk-producing questions. If they are junk-producing questions, how can they reframe them? For example, instead of asking “Why can’t we just do what we did before?” ask, “What new 54 PULSE ■ SEPTEMBER 2020