Pulse September 2020 - Page 33

“Pin top content to the top of your profile to explain quickly and clearly how you are modifying your business model to serve your community.” large group of customers laughing, talking and touching. Handshakes and hugs and group gatherings are elements of life we all dearly miss, so make sure you’re sensitive that your imagery is moving the dialogue forward. You want your imagery to positively communicate the possibility of tomorrow, not the nostalgia of yesterday. 4. How am I working with influencers? In times of great uncertainty, we turn to those we trust for guidance and recommendations now more than ever! Take a look at your influencer relationships, whether they are customer influencers or paid partnerships, and make sure that you are creating new ways for them to share your story with their followers. Is there a way you can get creative by sending them a product or offering a service that is solving the unique challenges of a COVID-19 world? For example, I was having headaches from a pinched nerve and was dying to get a massage, but I didn’t want to risk exposure by going to a spa. So, I tried my first athome Zeel massage experience, and the therapist suggested that we set up her table outside on my back porch so that we would have more airflow. Knowing she was wearing a mask and that we had the outdoor breeze helped me to actually relax and enjoy the experience instead of being worried about the risks of transmission. I had her snap a photo of me outside on the massage table and posted it to my followers, tagging Zeel. Dozens of my followers responded saying this was such a great option for lowering their risk, increasing their comfort level and helping them stay healthy. For more social media best practices and creative ideas, visit thesocialmediaspa.com. Use special code ISPA50 for half off your virtual learning experience where we’ll Clarify, Detox and Refresh your social media strategy. Is there a way that your spa or brand can bring the experience to the customer? Can you find a unique solution for a COVID-19 problem? Can you rethink your influencer partnerships so that you are not just a storyteller, but also a storyseeker? Sometimes finding someone else to tell your story more credibly than you can is a more powerful way to be heard. 5. Am I experimenting with posting times? For most of us, our schedules are completely different than they used to be. Even though we’re spending more time behind screens and more time on social media than ever, many of us are also juggling new responsibilities at new times. For example, if you have customers and clients who now have kids at home—who pre-COVID-19 used to be at school or camp during the day—they might now be spending their screen time later at night after their kids head to bed. If your mid-day posts aren’t getting the traction they used to, test some later posting times to capture those parents who are in need of stress relief and self-care messaging after a long day in quarantine. Performing a pandemic social media scan will ensure that your hard work and efforts online result in you and your business not just surviving, but thriving. Hang in there. Sending you light and love! n ERIN KING is the Amazon-bestselling author of Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace, an international keynote speaker and a three-time entrepreneur. She founded Socialite Agency—the world’s only social media firm specializing exclusively in live events—and has previously spoken at several ISPA Conference & Expos. SEPTEMBER 2020 ■ PULSE 29