Pulse September 2020 - Page 28

“The truth is that we’re not all that different. I advise multigenerational teams to focus on what brings us together, not what divides us. Everyone wants personal meaning and purpose at work.” remember just how important other people are to our own happiness and fulfillment. I think this bodes well for the spa industry. Once it is safe to do so, people will be yearning to gather together in-person, and the health and wellness industries will be stronger than ever. P: Millennials are now spa leaders, and Gen Z is entering the spa workforce en masse. How can spa directors make the workplace more meaningful for Gen Z? S: Gen-Z is the most diverse generation in history, and they are expecting the places they work to reflect that diversity. Spa directors can make the workplace more meaningful by making spas become truly diverse and inclusive spaces. Gen-Z is on the forefront of a lot of critical social movements of our time, like women’s empowerment, racial justice and climate action, and I see spas becoming part of that effort to make sure the massive health and wellness industry becomes a place where people of all genders, races and backgrounds feel safe and have a leadership role, as well as places where sustainability and environmental impact matter. P: Lastly, I’d like to ask two questions about multigenerational teams. How much does what employees want— purpose versus profit, flexibility versus stability, etc.—vary across generations? S: While there are surely slight differences in terms of what different generations want in the workplace, IBM did a fascinating study several years ago that found that what every employee wants, regardless of age, is similar. The study found that we all want to make a 24 PULSE ■ SEPTEMBER 2020