Pulse September 2020 - Page 26

P: And how can a small business without a traditional career ladder, like a spa, use this to appeal to their advantage? S: Spas can be an incredible opportunity for young workers to experience first-hand the power of making an impact on someone’s life through human connection and the magic created when a team works together. Spas are like start-ups; the perfect growth opportunity to learn new skills, go outside your comfort zone, try new things and gain experience managing and working with people; crucial human capital tools that young workers will need to succeed in the future of work. P: Many spa workers enter the spa industry as a second career later in life. What advice do you have to make spa appealing to those seeking a career change? S: The employer is the new educator. Workplaces that focus on training and development see high increases in performance and retention. The spa industry is the perfect environment for those seeking a career change later in life because it’s often an opportunity to learn a hands-on, practical skill, such as massage therapy or yoga teacher training. Moreover, it’s an environment where you’re working with people every single day. Human connection is ever more important in a world that’s becoming more dominated by technology and our devices every single day. People are starving for that human connection and interpersonal interactions that you can get from working in the spa industry. P: How can spa professionals maintain meaning in their work as they transition from hands-on skilled labor positions to managerial positions? S: One of the main things young talent are lacking in their toolkit is interpersonal skills. This is usually because many young adults spend 10 hours a day looking at their phone and don’t know how to have a face-to-face conversation anymore. Spa professionals have the unique ability to become experts at working with people every single day. I like to say that “HR is the new life coach.” Professionals in managerial positions get to set the tone and culture of their spa and their team, and create an environment where everyone can show up and do their best work. They get to be stewards of culture, and make sure everyone on their team feels safe to be vulnerable and take risks, which has been shown to be the main indicator of high-performing teams. “In other words, we need to think of our careers like a pond of lily pads, spread out in all directions, and each lily pad is an opportunity to live your purpose and gain experience…” 22 PULSE ■ SEPTEMBER 2020