Pulse September 2015 - Page 40

upsell based on what the guest has purchased in the past, the guest is much more likely to make another purchase,” she says, adding that pairing services is another important tactic. “When you pair services together during the booking process and explain how they complement each other, the guest is more likely to add on to their services.” Todd Hewitt, senior spa director at Four Seasons Toronto in Ontario, Canada, employs numerous upsell strategies, the most successful of which is to provide a small sample of product during the treatment: The spa’s massage therapists add a complimentary application of yoga balm on the neck and shoulder during the deep-tissue massage, which has resulted in a 20 percent increase in retail sales for that item. Hewitt’s team has also generated increased sales through enhancements, adding to the guest experience without increasing treatment time. “Most spas struggle with getting massage therapists to upsell, so be sure to include enhancements that they can participate in such as hair andscalp treatments, anti-puffy eye treatments and hand or foot treatments,” he says. He also emphasizes the efficacy of coupon services, such as TravelZoo and Groupon, to service upselling. From a retail perspective, Ahmed Sandoby, spa and wellness center director at Four Seasons Cairo First Residence in Egypt, has an easier time linking product recommendations to services when a treatment is high-tier. However, he also encourages his staff to make an effort to upsell slow-moving inventory items rather than focus on items that already sell quickly. Typically, Sandoby has successfully upsold retail items through promotional pricing, point-of-purchase displays and loyalty programs. Sandoby says his upsell tactics differ depending on the service, but the best upselling opportunities take place during booking and the treatment itself. For massages, suggesting a one-hour instead of a 30-minute treatment during booking typically proves effective, and recommending a retail massage oil during the treatment itself often prompts a bonus buy. Facial services are similar: Sandoby recommends a premium service depending on skin needs during booking and pushes the applicable products in the midst of the treatment. It is crucial to remember that upselling can go badly if not done with the customer’s true needs in mind. Both Sandoby and Hewitt caution that being too pushy without demonstrating value can result in the loss of a sale and, at worst, the loss of a customer. “What’s more annoying than being jumped on by an aggressive salesperson who is trying to sell you products or treatments?” Sandoby says. “Upselling and cross-selling techniques will be efficient only if you are adding value to the customer’s experience. Use your business knowledge to ascertain what type of customer you are dealing with.” Hewitt also emphasizes the importance of competition by creating contests and promotions to staff for who can sell the most, a tactic that has greatly increased his retail success. “Run competitions as to who JENN HULL can sell the most per month Product Manager with prizes from within your SpaSoft/Springer-Miller hotel or local businesses,” he Systems advises. “Place your highest Markham, Ontario, Canada sellers with your lowest sellers so they can work together as a team and win recognition. Paying commission on each enhancement means that therapists can actually make more per treatment.” “We have found that by customizing the upsell based on what the guest has purchased in the past, the guest is much more likely to make another purchase.” 38 PULSE ■ September 2015 Staff Strategies When training staff on upselling tactics, Sandoby requires daily briefings, in addition to regular supplier training, samples and other materials. He especially emphasizes particular skills that can increase sales such as making initial contact, letting the customer decide what is affordable and being specific while offering a variety of options. A truly good salesperson will be most successful when he or she can read their customer and knows the products well enough to make an informed recommendation. (CONTINUED ON PAGE 40)