Pulse September 2015 - Page 39

AHMED SANDOBY Spa & Wellness Director Four Seasons Cairo First Residence Cairo, Egypt “Upselling and cross-selling techniques will be efficient only if you are adding value to the customer's experience.” Making effective use of upselling tactics is one of the simplest yet most effective ways of increasing revenue, while also giving spa customers a more fulfilling experience that they will want to repeat time and time again. Effective upselling requires having a plan in place for every step of the spa visit, from booking to check-out. Most importantly, however, spa staff members need to be alert and knowledgeable in order to upsell at every stage of the spa customer experience. “The best way to drive sales on a specific item is to make sure all of your staff know and love the product you are trying to promote,” says Jenn Hull, product manager at SpaSoft/Springer-Miller Systems in Markham, Ontario in Canada. “When spa concierge have had their own positive experiences with an item or service, they are more likely to recommend it to guests walking through the door. They will be confident when explaining the benefits and speaking from personal experience, which will create a bond and trust with guests, and allow them to better promote the full potential of the spa and its healing products.” Upsell Advantages Hull’s first recommendation is for spas to make use of individual guest history to personalize an upsell—knowing the client is the key to sales. “We have found that by customizing the “Place your highest sellers TODD HEWITT Senior Spa Director with your Four Seasons Toronto Toronto, Canada lowest sellers so they can work together as a team and win recognition.” September 2015 ■ PULSE 37