Pulse September 2015 | Page 62

A Day in the Life! BY CHRISTINA BUSWELL The life of a spa professional is a continuous cycle of daily responsibilities that help make the spa world go round. Pulse asks ISPA members to give us a sneak peek into their daily lives to help us understand the roles they play and the difference they make on a daily basis. s Chief Service Officer of B.Williams Enterprise, Dr. Bryan Williams spends most of his days training clients on developISPA ing excellence in three key ION FOUNDAT R E B areas: personal, service M E SEPT N IO T and leadership. He C AU R O N O launched BWTV, an online D M RGOOD.CO TV training resource, after BIDDINGFO clients asked that he create an easy-to-access tool to help them and their team members learn A BRYAN WILLIAMS B.Williams Enterprise Bowie, Maryland and focus on service excellence. “Most companies are not able to fly me in to work exclusively with their team, but now, with BWTV, any size business can equip their teams to serve their customers better,” Williams says. “We exist to serve others so they may better serve the world.” Through BWTV, clients are able to use resources like training modules featuring short training videos, discussion guides and quizzes in their pre-shift huddles, departmental meetings, employee orientation, and even during one-on-one coaching. “We paid very close attention to what companies have been asking for, which is short, applicable education that can be used on a daily basis,” he says. When not traveling, Williams often starts his day with “daddy duties”, dropping his daughter off to pre-school before shifting on to work-related tasks. ★ 9 am Reviews his to-do list of priorities for the day, which he drafts the night before. “I do a mix of replying to 60 PULSE ■ September 2015 emails, following up with past and current clients and people interested in my company services,” he says. ★ 11 am Answers any phone appointments, attends conference calls or facilitates a BWTV webinar demo with a potential client. ★ 2 pm Writes an article of his blog and e-newsletter as well as updates social media with new content. “I try to schedule them one day in advance, whenever possible.” FOR MORE about BWTV, email [email protected]. To preview his videos, visit bwenterprise.net/BWTV. ★ 4 pm Checks the business mailbox. In terms of daily operations, Williams says he is always thinking of new ideas and innovative ways of doing things. “I have to regularly manage those moments so I don’t lose too much productivity and momentum,” he says. When it comes to customer service, he has one key advice: “Habitually ask yourself, ‘How can I do more than the bare minimum with this customer?’” ■ Day-to-Day Challenges Daily operations: The most challenging part is finding ways to ensure that phone appointments and BWTV demonstrations begin and end on time. Module development for BWTV: “It can be challenging to be mindful of potential topics that can be used in future BWTV modules. The vast majority of my content comes from my daily experiences as a customer of other businesses.” Marketing of services: It’s often a balancing act to respond to emails/voicemails in a timely manner as well as come up with new content for blogs and social media. Customer service: “Working with our e-learning partner to quickly troubleshoot any technical difficulties some BWTV clients may have with their computer system (e.g., company firewalls) often takes time.”