Pulse September 2015 | Page 42

UPSELL TACTICS (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 38) “The more you know about your products, the more you will know about how different products can add value and convenience to the product your customer is buying,” Sandoby says. “A good receptionist or therapist will be able to quickly give customers a read and tailor their sales technique to the individual.” Hull agrees, and believes the most common retail sales failure in spas is lack of product knowledge, especially among new associates. “Sometimes having a cheat sheet just isn’t enough,” she says. “That’s why we always encourage our spas to use the notes on products and services. Notes are easily accessible during the booking process and at point of sale, so users can quickly access key facts needed to endorse the item.” In order to better educate staff on product specifics, Hewitt insists on regular, extensive complimentary training from resource partners that keeps his customer-facing staff up-to-date on benefits and ingredients. He also has them work with each other as practice. “We track who is the best at selling and get them to offer tips and pointers to others,” he says SpaSoft trains its associates regularly to help maximize revenue. “We train associates to submit appointments one at a time to create opportunities to offer guests additional services before completing the reservation,” Hull says. “This creates a smooth booking process and encourages the associate to upsell and pair services together.” A smooth booking process will drive sales revenue most effectively when paired with an associate who can upsell along the way. “Ultimately, your staff members are the engine that drives your business—managers are the road map and fuel but they can’t get the business to where it needs to go without a functioning team,” Sandoby says. “Making sure your staff are well-trained in retail and can upsell products and services is essential to their confidence in dealing with clients and to following through on goals, vision for the business and procedures that will ultimately help your staff and you to grow the business in an effective way.” ■ “Ultimately, your staff members are the engine that drives your business...” UPSELL STRATEGIES FROM START TO END Your spa team has the opportunity to upsell services and retail products from the moment the guest books their treatment, online or in-house, to the moment he or she walks out the door. Here’s a breakdown of upsell strategies at the major points of the spa upselling experience. DURING BOOKING: Four Seasons Toronto uses an online booking system that automatically asks guests if they wish to add an enhancement to their service. At the Cairo location, Sandoby recommends that if a client asks about a treatment, staff always start with the deluxe option and work down to a basic one, not vice versa. invaluable upsell resource. “In our health questionnaire binder, we offer a listing of enhancements that are available for each treatment,” he says. “Locker attendants point these out to guests.” Sandoby adds that the waiting room is also the best place to arrange menus for last-minute browsing. DURING CHECK-IN: “Your client has booked a basic service. Are you offering the chance to upgrade to the full or deluxe service?” Sandoby makes sure his staff members ask themselves this question for every customer. DURING TREATMENT: Therapists should always gently ask if there are any enhancements the guest would like to experience. “Keeping conversations professional but friendly can be a juggling act, but always try to keep in your mind that your end goal is to increase the clients’ average spend [while also enhancing their overall IN THE WAITING/RELAXATION AREA: Hewitt finds the health questionnaire an 40 PULSE ■ September 2015 experience],” Sandoby says. DURING CHECK-OUT: “Always ask guests if there were any products used during their treatment that they would like to purchase,” Hewitt says. This is also the time to make clients aware of special offers, loyalty programs and gift cards, and to direct the conversation during a re-booking. ONLINE: In addition to upselling during online booking, social media is an essential engagement tool to pitch better services or new retail products. “In the age of social media, it’s still so important to remember to keep connected on a personal level and sell your business even when you’re not working,” Sandoby says.