Pulse November / December 2022 | Page 47


Most awesome food ? Hot sauce . They make every food awesome ! I have a whole shelf in my fridge and am always looking for a new one to add .
l Most awesome book ? On The Shortness of Life by Seneca . A 2,000-year-old essay that reads like an email from your wise friend today . I keep a copy in my suitcase when I need grounding . l Most awesome hobby ? Birdwatching . It gets the phytoncides and adds a dose of hiking and listmaking ! l
Most awesome way to relax ? Go to the spa , of course . Did you think I was going to mess this one up ? Most awesome sports team ? The Toronto Blue Jays .
Most awesome quote ? I ’ ll give you one that I plan to share onstage with you all : “ It is easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking rather than think yourself into a new way of acting .” We ’ ll explain what this means and ( more importantly ) how to do it . more creative than their counterparts . So what ’ s the first thing you must do before you can be happy ? Be happy . Be happy first .
P : The spa world is thrilled that you will be joining us at the 2023 ISPA Conference as a Power Session Keynote next May . Will you share a sneak peek of what attendees will take away from your session ? NP : Ah , yes ! The trailer ! Well , I ’ m thrilled to be joining the spa world ! I will give some very simple and practical science-based tools attendees can use to be a little happier every day . Like I said : Our lives are short ! So my goal is to give a few simple tools we can all use to make sure we ’ re enjoying it . n
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