Pulse November/December 2021 - Page 50

“ As we all know , in cosmetology , not all schools are accredited , and there isn ’ t just one exam . So it ’ s trying to get everyone to agree what that standard is that we can all agree on .”

“ There will be model legislation , and every state is free to make changes to it that are non-substantive ,” said Matthew Shafer .“ CSG reviews every introduction of the model legislation to make sure that there are no changes that we would deem substantive . Little things like tweaks of definitions … we ’ re fine with , but you have to remember that this is a contract . There can be very minor tweaks , but the language will be 98 percent the same from most states that pass it .”
As for the process of passing the fully drafted compact into law , that remains up to the individual states considering joining the compact . Because the legislation is months from its final form , there is no way to know yet which states may ultimately sign on , though Shafer and
CSG understand the curiosity .“ That ’ s logically everyone ’ s first question : Is my state involved in this ? I would just say wait and give it time ,” said Shafer . Despite some uncertainty surrounding which and how many states will ultimately agree to operate under the compact — and how long it will take — there are at least a couple of things working in the compact ’ s favor . One of those is that the legislation that will ultimately be drafted will be presented to legislatures as standalone legislation . As a result , lawmakers won ’ t have to consider whether other , possibly unrelated , provisions in the law might require them to vote against adopting the compact .
As Debra Persinger pointed out , the Department of Defense ’ s support of the development of these and other interstate compacts should also help generate support among legislators ( though the benefits extend to professionals who are not a part of the military community , interstate compacts are often designed to support spouses in military families , who may have no choice but to relocate due to a new base assignment ).“ I ’ d be hard pressed to imagine any legislator raising their hand saying ,‘ I ’ m against getting military spouses to work ,‘” Persinger said .“ So , I think we ’ re in a good position to move forward with adoption .”
The benefits these interstate compacts would have on the spa industry would likely be substantial and immediate , but patience is the order of the day . Spa leaders like Deirdre Strunk may be waiting calmly , but there is no hiding the excitement that these agreements are generating . “ I think some of these smaller operators will just have more flexibility in hiring people because people will be able to move easily ,” Strunk said .“ I truly believe at the end of the day , for the entire industry and our economy , this is such a brilliant move .” n