Pulse November/December 2021 - Page 18

ago , when spas started opening inside of resorts ,” says Cecilia Hercik , director of spa and wellness at Sea Island Resort ,“ we were so focused on consistency and protocols that we did not allow our providers to use their whole toolbox . Now , I think many spa directors have realized that service providers can create very unique , personalized services .”
The picture is different now at Sea Island , which recently launched a variety of self-guided journeys that allow spa-goers to chart their own path through the spa ’ s facilities . Sea Island ’ s four self-guided journeys are designed to draw attention to the spa ’ s communal facilities — including a cascading waterfall pool , an aromatherapy area , and a sound therapy area — some of which may be confusing for customers to find or use without specific direction . Each guest receives a laminated waterproof “ menu ” that they can carry around which outlines the self-guided journey for them . Through this clever use of spa facilities , Sea Island Resort was able to add an experience that feels tailored to each customer without having to invest significant capital or manpower in its implementation .
Further down the Atlantic coast , Martinez at the Four Seasons at the
Surf Club creates custom experiences during the treatment itself through engaged conversations throughout the customer journey .“ At the end of the day , it ’ s really about listening to our guests ’ needs and being interested ,” Martinez says . The spa uses every touchpoint — the initial booking call , the in-person check-in , the conversation with the provider before the service begins — to ask smart questions and listen closely to the answers .
Another popular approach to offer customized spa experiences and tailored treatments combinations is to charge by time , not by service : this is

“ I think we ’ re all just sick and tired of being sick and tired … my generation is trying to be healthier , and the younger generation is making even healthier decisions . It ’ s this movement that ’ s happening organically .”

Sea Island labyrinth