Pulse November/December 2021 | Page 28


Sego Lily Spa

Some of the charities Sego Lily Spa support in their community .
FORMER SURGEON GENERAL C . EVERETT KOOP once said ,“ Life affords no greater responsibility , no greater privilege , than the raising of the next generation ,” and the folks at Sego Lily Spa — which boasts three locations in the Salt Lake City , Utah , area — have taken that philosophy to heart , explains Marketing Manager Taylee Goff . “ We believe that by donating to programs that help children learn and provide them a safe place , we are bettering our community for generations to come ,” she says .
Specifically , the spa supports a couple of groups that play a big role in improving the lives of young people in its area : the Davis Education Foundation and Utah Foster Care , among others . Goff says ,“ We have spent time learning about the organizations and what their needs are , [ so we ] know that our money will be going towards a cause that will make a difference .” The Davis Education Foundation provides cash grants directly to teachers , back to school clothing for more than 300 students and food to the thousands of Davis County students who face food insecurity . For its part , Utah Foster Care finds , trains and supports Utah families willing and able to provide nurturing homes for children in foster care .
A PASSION FOR THE OCEAN AND THE WILDLIFE it sustains led Moroccanoil to partner with Oceana , the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation . In addition to ongoing donations Moroccanoil makes to the organization , the company is also working alongside Oceana to raise awareness and support their advocacy efforts , the goal of which is to rebuild abundant , biodiverse oceans by encouraging science-based environmental policies . For company Co-Founder Carmen Tal , the issue hits close to home : “ I … grew up in Chile , which is a country where the ocean can be seen from almost literally every point ,” she says .“ I learned from an early age to admire its beauty and ability to sustain life , but also to respect it . And if you respect something , you ’ re going to work hard to protect it .”
The company ’ s other environmentally conscious initiatives follow logically from that philosophy .“[ We ’ re ] continuing our sustainability efforts by formulating ingredients to be presented in more biodegradable packaging moving forward ,” says Senior Account Executive Zita Sims , who also notes that the business
continues to provide annual support to The Humane Society of the United States , for which Moroccanoil was honored with the Society ’ s Corporate Consciousness Award in 2017 . n