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Help Your Company Shine in a Competitive Talent Market



Help Your Company Shine in a Competitive Talent Market

WHAT CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your business is the people you hire . In this session , learn how to up your game when attracting and retaining talent . The lessons and tools you ’ ll receive will help your company stand out , retain talent and attract new clientele .
Pulse : When should spas recruit promising but untrained individuals to the team , and when should they hold out for proven talent ? Rita Barreto : It depends . Hiring for attitude vs . talent has been a challenge faced by leaders for years and chances are you don ’ t have time to train . Also , some positions require proven experience with specific skills . The bottom line : If you want to be the best , you MUST have the RIGHT ATTITUDE ! I ’ d say , open your recruiting pool , hire for attitude when you can — it can ’ t be taught , skills can ! Be sure to ask questions about the competencies important to your spa : teamwork , communication , commitment to excellence and a can-do attitude ! Next , put in place a fast-track mentoring program for current and new talent . Development opportunities are top on employee lists of what they want in a position and it drives retention of talent .
Pulse : What elements — perks , benefits , corporate culture — can spas use to attract great employees when salary level is non-negotiable ? RB : Let ’ s face it , a salary increase is always nice , however , it is a short-term motivator . Building an engaging culture is where it is at when it comes to gaining the attention of talent — whether job applicants or employees . After clearly defining your unique culture , make sure you have the
following key elements : a robust onboarding program , recognition programs ( individual and team ), development opportunities , mentoring experiences , feedback programs . Offer mini workshops all about them and for them ; consider arranging discounts from local vendors ; be clear about their needs , hopes and dreams and see what you can do to assist on the journey ! The bottom line : Honestly show you care .
Pulse : What could a spa leader do today that would have an immediate , positive impact on recruiting or retaining excellent team members ? RB : Start by assessing your overall recruiting effort . Look at your overall brand by visiting your website and social media . What image does it communicate ? Be sure to up your game when it comes to your interview questions and how you interact with potential employees . Each touchpoint tells a story about your brand . Make it personal and show respect . Always be prompt . Follow up interviews with a personal note even when you didn ’ t find the applicant was a fit . How you treat your job applicants also makes a big impression to the current employees .
Pulse : Will ISPA Conference attendees hear anything unexpected or shocking in your Knowledge Builder Session ? RB : Of course they will ! If not , I haven ’ t done my job ! Like each of you , I ’ m held accountable every day to deliver as promised . Your time is valuable and I commit to making it count ! I hope you join me for a highly interactive session . You will walk away with actions you can take right away to help you increase your overall talent recruitment and retention success . Promise . n


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