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Customer-centric Guest Experience is the Mainstay of Spa

SPAS ARE KNOWN AS A HAVEN of renewal and rejuvenation . In that spirit , spa patrons have high expectations for the care they receive , both in and out of the treatment space . In last month ’ s Pulse , four ISPA members imparted their wisdom about providing excellent customer service . The guest experience is a topic close to the hearts of all spa professionals ; following are additional comments from industry experts about the value of a customer-centric approach .
WOWING CLIENTS IS A TEAM EFFORT “ Every guest is important ,” says Stephanie Doud of Ready- Care Industries .“ Customers have many spas where they could go ; we want them to return because of the amazing service offered to them .”
Uberlube ’ s Cheryl Sloane agrees that an extraordinary experience is a spa mandate , and she has found a full-team approach is helpful .“ Customer service comes from the top ,” she says .“ We need to believe in our team and trust them to make decisions and handle problems . Then , we need to show the team that management has their backs — and always be available for customer service issues . It is never a mistake to have good engagement with your customers .”
Christina Mangiante of Body Bliss believes “ each spa director knows how to train their staff on basic customer service , sales and conversational skills at a level that works for them .” And the rewards are great : “ Repeat clients , word of mouth referrals , increased gratuities , complimentary reviews will all happen organically with fantastic customer service ,” she says .
let ’ s offer them services that would meet and exceed their needs . A lot of times clients don ’ t know what they really need or want ; let ’ s use our expertise to assist them .”
Cheryl echoes this insight about the value of getting to know clients .“ This involves great training programs ,” she says .“ A consistent mistake I see is allowing staff to say only certain things . There ’ s nothing more frustrating as a customer than getting systemic answers to questions . Customers want to speak to intelligent , well-trained individuals . That ’ s what we should expect and train for .”
Stephanie offers several tangible ways to show guests they are valued : “ Opportunities for spa leaders to emphasize are remembering a guest ’ s name , greeting them by name , taking the time to look at their treatment history to ‘ surprise and delight ’ them at check-in , knowing their service likes and dislikes . These extra steps will return clients and increase revenue in the long run .” n
TANGIBLE EFFORTS Great customer service is both nature and nurture . Service-mindedness is an ingrained trait found in the most gracious of spa personnel — but ongoing training and clearly documented expectations for team member conduct will improve the customer experience at every facility .
“ To increase service mentality , let ’ s really get to know our customers and be proactive ,” Christina advises .“ Whether a client is a one-time spa visitor or a local who frequents for services , take a moment to say hello . Get to know them : What brings each person into the spa , what are they looking for ? Once we have a better understanding of our customers ,
STEPHANIE DOUD Vice President of Business Development
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