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a clear understanding of what is expected of them and can measure themselves against the agreement .


Respect Their Advice : Your resource partners have valuable experience working with other salons and spas , so it ’ s wise to respect their advice . They may have better ideas or more knowledge in certain areas , and it ’ s important to listen and learn from them . An open-minded manager is more likely to boast excellent revenue than an arrogant one .


Help Your Resource Partners Be More Successful : Helping your partners be more successful by promoting their brand , offering testimonials or giving referrals is a “ win ” for both parties . By being a brand ambassador for your resource partners , you ’ re helping them succeed and , in turn , helping your business succeed .


Don ’ t Play One Resource
Partner Against Another : Playing one resource partner against another is not the right way to build strong partner relationships . Just like you wouldn ’ t want your clients to compare your business to others , don ’ t do it to your partners . If you want something , just ask for it , rather than using another resource partner as leverage .
In conclusion , remember your relationship with your resource partners directly impacts your customer service and your bottom line , a little like the internal mechanism of a watch where one movement transfers through a series of gears and springs to deliver an outcome . So , begin or adapt your partnership to be as synergistic as the watch ’ s mechanism . n

Forming a New Resource partner Relationship

WHETHER YOU HAVE A FOLDER OVERFLOWING with fliers picked up at the 2023 ISPA Conference or an inbox full of resource partner solicitations , you know the market for spa-related products is replete with suppliers . A few additional tips will help as you scope out a new resource partner .
1 . DON ’ T WASTE ANYONE ’ S TIME : Exchanging some basic information and posing your first questions via email — before a formal video meeting or in-person demo — will help you eliminate Resource partners that do not fit your facility ’ s requirements or vibe . That saves your time and the resource partner ’ s .
2 . REQUEST A FOCUS FOR YOUR FIRST MEETING : You do not have to commit to hearing about every product a supplier offers if your interest area is more focused . Help set expectations by letting the resource partner know ahead of time what you ’ d like to discuss — and where you are on your partner selection journey .
3 . BE STRAIGHTFORWARD ABOUT YOUR ROLE AND YOUR SALES VOLUME : If you are not the decision-maker for product purchases , let the resource partner know your role . And never overestimate your sales volume , whether for vanity or to negotiate discount rates . Remember , communicate openly and honestly — right from the start .
4 . IDENTIFY CALLS-TO-ACTION : Be clear about the next step . Will the resource partner send product samples within the week ? Will you touch base in two months after completing your resource partner research ? Avoid unnecessary follow-ups or confusion by identifying expectations .
5 . ASK ABOUT THEIR PROCESS AND MARKET STRATEGY : Are you looking for a resource partner who is onsite frequently ? One who monitors your inventory to ensure you have appropriate stock quantity ? A supplier who knows the industry and can offer the wisdom of experience ? Or is price your primary motivator , and you are looking for the low-cost leader ? Knowing the resource partner ’ s customer service and go-to-market strategies will help align their strengths with your needs .
MARISA DIMITRIADIS began a career in the spa and beauty industry at 19 and quickly rose to leadership roles for a large international brand distributor before founding her own consultancy specializing in turnkey spa development . The Spa Professionals Guild is a global online platform for business coaching and transformational management courses , offering networking , coaching , templates and best practices development . spaprofessionalsguild . com
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