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“ When I was in school , my instructor was adamant about having goals . He always said if you don ' t have goals , you ' re never going to move forward .”

made a comment about how the nail department didn ’ t make any money . That to me was a red flag because you want to be somewhere in this industry where you feel like you can be successful , make a paycheck and be able to take care of yourself and your family .
Sometimes the nail department is the “ Forgotten Department ” when it comes to renovations or updates . The pedicure stations might be falling apart , or they ’ re not ergonomically correct and you don ’ t feel comfortable when you ’ re doing that practical interview .
When I went to the Hilton there was just a lot more positivity there . I felt the warmth , and I felt that it was going to be a positive place for me . everything that was offered to me . I worked in all avenues of the spa . I worked the front desk , for instance , all while still being a nail technician . I learned everything that I could .
Eventually , I ended up in California , where I went back to college . But , at a certain point in school , I remember thinking , What am I doing ? I need to apply for reciprocity , get my license in California and find the right position .
I interviewed for a couple of different roles which didn ’ t fit me . And then the Hilton Bayfront opened , and I started there . I was with the right people . It was the right time . And there was so much growth that was presented to me . I took every opportunity I could to continue to grow and learn about the industry and move forward .
Pulse : What triggered your belief that this would be the opportunity , and what turned you off at the other places ? KM : Something that I always looked at was : How were the facilities kept ? Where is the nail salon ? What type of information was I provided by the person who interviewed me ? During one interview , the manager
Pulse : What did they provide that helped you see that a leadership role was a possibility ? KM : Oddly enough , I didn ’ t see it as a possibility . They saw it in me . I jumped in a lot and did just what I felt needed to be done , because I cared about my teammates . And that was noticed by our leadership team . They sat with me one day and said ,“ Where do you want to go with your career ?” Again , I jumped at everything that came up . Every webinar , every resource from ISPA . I took the certified spa supervisor exam . I had some amazing mentors who were helping me grow into someone who could really lead a larger team .
Pulse : I think that some people don ’ t see the possibility of a spa technician moving into leadership roles . KM : I agree with that . I found that requirements for leadership roles focus on esthetics and massage . A lot of times , the HR director has said ,“ I ’ m so sorry , I didn ’ t even think about a nail technician as someone who could fit in this role .” So , don ’ t discredit the person who gives an amazing pedicure and can do a French in the blink of an eye . Look at everybody .
Pulse : From there you transitioned into the vendor side of the business . What was that like ? KM : I was fortunate enough to start my vendor career with Coola . There was a lot of rebuilding the territory ,
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