Pulse May / June 2023 | Page 47

safety incidents ; and 33 percent improvement in production quality .”
The report states that “ Gallup ’ s decades of research show a strong culture is a powerful differentiator in the marketplace ” and offers five outcomes of a great workplace culture : l l
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It attracts customers It retains customers who witness the workplace atmosphere It turns customers into brand advocates ( perpetuating number 1 , above ) It attracts top talent It engages high-performing employees
The recruitment and retention value of culture
In an era of talent shortages — Pulse has reported regularly on the Great Recession and the Big Quit over the past two years — those final two outcomes are especially tantalizing . For more insight on how positive company culture is a boon to employee engagement , we turn to another source .
Referring to a PricewaterhouseCoopers ( PwC ) survey , Forbes reports on an exploration into the value of workplace culture to attract and retain top talent :
Today ’ s leaders not only have to make strategic business decisions , they are given the behemoth responsibility of building and cultivating corporate culture . In a recent PwC Global Culture survey , its importance was shocking . They found culture was understood to be the key indicator of an organization ’ s performance and adaptability : “ 66 percent of C-suite executives and board members believe culture is more important to performance than the organization ’ s strategy or operating model .” What ’ s more , 69 percent of leaders credited their ability to adapt successfully during the pandemic to their corporate culture .