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Attracting Guests through Innovative Treatment Offerings



Attracting Guests through Innovative Treatment Offerings

FOR SPA LEADERS SEEKING ways to energize the guest experience and refresh service offerings to boost the bottom line , look no further : This panel discussion will explore innovative service offerings successfully adopted within a variety of spa types along with lessons learned and tips to consider .
Pulse : Aside from the customer experience , does offering innovative treatments help spas to attract and motivate treatment providers ? Katlyn Hatcher : Adding wellness equipment has motivated our treatment providers and specialists as it allows them to further tailor the guest experience and be more prescriptive when recommending lifestyle and therapeutic recommendations . In addition to home products regimen recommendations , they are recommending alternative supplemental modalities to enhance the hands-on treatment provided . Our estheticians are educating guests on benefits of light therapy for skin and parlaying into the benefits of our whole-body red light bed ; our fitness instructors can recommend at-home workouts and whole-body cryotherapy for recovery ; our acupuncturist recommends wellness circuits as supplemental treatment . It creates a well-rounded wellness experience and educates guests on alternative therapies to enhance their day-to-day life . We incentivize our staff to recommend these enhancements as well . We also offer the red light therapy at no cost to our associates as a recovery tool and associate perk .
Pulse : How can spas quickly and effectively explain ( and market ) services that may be unknown to most clients ? KH : I personally invited all of our members to experience the Holistic Healing Center equipment at no cost to demon-
strate the benefits and educate them on offerings available . We also packaged the modalities based on issue to address : Pain Management , Stress Relief , Recovery . We also shifted our wellness center marketing to lead with the technology as a new amenity and prompt questions to educate our guests on new modalities available .
Pulse : What would be a first step for spa leaders who want to introduce innovation to their service menu ? KH : Evaluate budget , consider the equipment with the highest ROI and lowest consumables if only bringing in a few , consult educated professionals or do your research when making choices on selection . Seek out smart people ! There are a lot of variations on the market with varying applications and efficacies ; many have clinical research to back them . When we were selecting equipment , we consulted with top researchers at WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute to help educate us on the market and products available based on their clinical studies . One researcher physician explained to me based on their trial there are some red light panels you ’ d need to stand in front of for 12 hours to achieve the same results in 16 minutes from the one we chose — so there was a huge difference in market .
Pulse : Will attendees have any surprise takeaways from your Knowledge Builder session ? KH : I think people may be surprised at the ROI potential and increased guest awareness and demand . We have grown our revenues on the equipment 70 percent since inception in 2019 ; we are no longer strictly introducing guests to these items , many are already aware and seeking them out . It is very exciting to see the continued potential . n


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