Pulse May / June 2022 | Page 98

is spreading sunshine into peoples lives regardless of the weather .

IT ’ S BEEN MORE THAN TWO YEARS SINCE THE ISPA FAMILY HAS GATHERED TOGETHER . We can safely say nearly everything has changed in that time . We ’ ve experienced sickness , death , isolation , wildfires , tornadoes , floods and now , another war . It ’ s all too easy to focus on those sad and scary stressors .
On the flip side , we ’ ve also experienced winters , springs , weddings , birthdays , reunions , holidays , sunrises , sunsets and countless beautiful acts of kindness and bravery . And of course , a lot of LOVE . These are the kinds of things we love to celebrate , and we ’ ll have plenty of opportunities to do exactly that at Conference in Las Vegas .
We ’ re particularly excited to present this year ’ s Alex Szekely Humanitarian Award — with a virtual assist from our beloved ( and 100-years-young ) godmother of spa , Deborah Szekely — to Power Session Speaker Leon
Logothetis , whose inspiring acts of kindness have brought so much beauty into a world crying out for it . We may not all be globetrotting authors and TV stars like Leon , but we can all do our part to elevate others and let kindness and empathy lead our words and actions . If the last two years have taught us anything , it ’ s that the world needs as much of both as possible .
We understand that times continue to be challenging , and many of us are struggling to remember

“ normal ” or create a new one . Coming together is a big part of that , and though we know Conference will be — and feel — different this year , we are beyond grateful for our strong and resilient ISPA family . Our young and beloved industry has a lot to be proud of — THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! •

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