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“[ Sound therapy ] is nice because for guests who may not want other types of bodywork , it ’ s really a great option .”

— Christina Webster
The vibroacoustic bed used at VIBE Health Lounge incorporates sound waves ( and light therapy ) to relax guests in a whole new way .
such services to their menus — the sooner , the better .“ I can ’ t think of a better time . We ’ ve been doing it for five years , and its ’ just growing in demand . If you ’ re thinking about it , I would absolutely hop in right away . Guests are seeking it out ; if you ’ re on the fence , I wouldn ’ t be anymore ,” she says .
Steinke agrees : “ It ’ s a little bit of investment for the bowls , but it ’ s not a difficult learning curve to learn how to offer the treatment , and the response is so good from the guests . It feels like more of a destination spa experience that you can bring in . I don ’ t know why you wouldn ’ t want to bring in some sound therapy .”
Of course , adding any new service to your spa isn ’ t as simple as acquiring some singing bowls or a vibro-acoustic bed and dropping a description on the menu , even with guests showing a greater interest in sound therapies . Promoting the new treatment options and educating guests about their benefits will be a necessary part of the process . As Christina Webster notes , explaining the feelings and impact of sound therapy can sometimes fall short of conveying to guests what they should expect , which is why she ’ s thankful that the vibro-acoustic bed , for example , can easily be used to conduct quick demos that communicate far better than any menu description could . “ Unless you experience it yourself , it ’ s really hard to write about ,” she says . “ If someone is interested and they hear the explanation and want to experience it , I ’ m just giving them demos for free . I know people just need to experience it once and then they ’ ll be hooked . That ’ s how I ’ m getting the word out , and within our community … people are coming in looking for that experience .”
Webster is in agreement . Once it gets started ,” says Gaye Steinke , “ it ’ s just word of mouth . And people can ’ t even get in the class [ in our yoga studio ] because it ’ s always full — we do it once a month and we ’ ve sold it out every month for two years — which just generates more demand .”
Given its relatively low up-front cost ( for singing bowls , anyway ; vibro-acoustic beds obviously require a more substantial investment ), clear benefits and growing popularity , sound therapy presents an opportunity for spas seeking to diversify their menus , bring in additional revenue and appeal to the more inclusive wellness-focused mindsets of guests willing to try new things in search of improved wellbeing . If the experiences of these spa leaders are any indication , it ’ s likely to be a sound investment . n
GAYE STEINKE Director of Club & Spa SPA ANJALI
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