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HOLLY WYDRA Account Development Manager
FarnHouse Fresh , McKinney , Texas

Close to celebrating three years with skin-care brand FarmHouse Fresh , Holly Wydra couldn ’ t be more in love with her job . “ We are always extremely busy on the farm , and it can be stressful , but when you see the difference you are making by helping to create and sell natural beauty products that people fall in love with , you can ’ t forget that feeling . You just feel privileged to be a part of it .”

Wydra began her love of beauty products watching her mom work as a representative for a network marketing skin-care brand . Digging through her mother ’ s sales kit inspired her to go to beauty school . While furthering her education , she was offered a teaching position at the beauty school she attended . It was there she discovered her love of training , teaching and helping others in the industry .
“ That experience created opportunities for me to manage some fabulous and high-profile resort spas , including one where I became instant friends with a FarmHouse Fresh trainer who came to train my staff ,” she says . It wasn ’ t long before this friend offered Wydra a position at the farm . “ I ’ ll never forget when she called me on New Year ’ s Eve

Life ! to offer me the job . My best New Year ’ s to date ! I started as a part-time trainer and quickly grew into a full-time position , focusing on account support across the country .”

In her role as account development manager , Wydra works with different spas on implementing FarmHouse Fresh products into their menus and retail spaces . “ My favorite part of my day is when I get to talk to a spa manager or therapist who needs help creating a treatment , customized just for their location , or needs help understanding how to use a new product ,” says Wydra .
As dynamic as her job can be , Wydra likes to keep a semblance of a routine to make sure everything gets crossed off her list . Here ’ s a snapshot into her day :
★ 7 am “ Every day begins with me waking up to a giant paw swatting me , followed by sloppy kisses — this would be my large and obnoxious dog telling me it ’ s time for breakfast .”
★ 8 am Checks emails and voicemails to see what needs immediate attention . “ I try to respond to as many emails as possible before the phone begins to ring . I especially love when they call with a theme and need help
The life of a spa professional is a continuous cycle of daily responsibilities that help make the spa world go round . Pulse asks ISPA members to give us a sneak peek into their daily lives to help us understand the roles they play and the difference they make on a daily basis . creating a treatment to match — a fun challenge !”
★ NOON Takes lunch breaks that includes snuggles with the farm ’ s
rescue donkeys and horses .
★ 1 pm “ I often spend time meeting with our Training Department to discuss upcoming trainings or video shoots . We ’ re always brainstorming !”
★ 2 – 3 pm “ Some days I will have a conference call or meet a local hotel or resort account to provide additional support , discuss seasonal treatments , retail display and ideas to bring in our newest products . Anytime I visit a hotel or resort , I allow myself a few minutes to walk around and explore . Sipping coffee next to a flowing fountain while I check my phone can be a nice break even if only for five minutes .”
★ 4 pm Tests new products . “ In some days , Shannon , our founder , will call me over to smell or feel samples of new products . This is always exciting ! We ’ re always in product development mode , and we work as a team to do tests , and provide feedback and ideas ,” Wydra says . “ Some products will require me to go into our treatment room and perform a service on one of the team members so we can see if the product is treatment-room friendly . Fortunately , it ’ s not hard to persuade someone to get a mini treatment during the work day !” n
WYDRA LOVES to get her creative juices flowing . Click here to check out some unique ways she has helped spa managers create custom treatment options for their spa .
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