Pulse May 2017 - Page 58

IS THE FIT RIGHT? (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 54) The team at milk + honey fits together like glue. Make sure any new hire can go with your team's flow. During the interview process, make sure you let them ask questions. Don’t do all the talking and allow them to interview you as well. This back and forth will help both you and the candidate get a feel if the fit is right for both parties. Edwards adds that a passion for what they do must come across in the interview. “This is something a person can’t contain. You see it within the first five minutes of conversation.” That Gut Feeling This may not be a concrete tip, but you should always trust your gut. How many times has your intuition told you something or someone was a little off, and it turned out to be true? “During my training to be a psychotherapist, my clinical supervisor told me to pay attention to how I felt during the sessions: Do I get bored? Tired? Frustrated? Anxious? Angry? Impatient? Chances are, whatever I am feeling is a projection of how that person feels,” explains Huffman. “Whenever I haven’t listened to this, I have regretted it.” Use the interview time to get to know more than just the person’s job history. Learn their style, their mannerisms, their preferences and try to dig into their personality as much as you can. As Flanagan notes, “If your personalities don’t mesh in the interview, it will be an uphill battle if you bring them on staff. Every bad hire I have made has been out of desperation where my instincts were screaming that the fit was not good. Listen to your instincts, they rarely lead you astray.” n WANT TO SPICE UP your interviews? Click here to access the interview questions our experts ask every potential candidate. F E AT U R E D S O U R C E S SUMMER SMITH KRISTINE HUFFMAN CINDI FLANAGAN AMBER EDWARDS Managing Director of Operations milk + honey President and Founder Huffman Hospitality Concepts Owner Abundant Health Day Spa NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Nail Director Mario Tricoci Salons & Day Spas AUSTIN, TEXAS LEE, MASSACHUSETTS FLORIDA PALATINE, ILLINOIS BOLDIJARRE KORONCZAY President Éminence Organic Skin Care VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA 56 PULSE ■ May 2017