Pulse May 2017 - Page 29

of peace and gratitude when you wake up the next day. Meditating on a regular basis will bring you extreme clarity and enhance your muscles of intuition. P: Your 11th rule is to get outside your comfort zone. Why is this necessary to creating big miracles and success for yourself? G: The greatest obstacle to creating a big miracle is fear, yet fear is our greatest teacher. It feels so good when you achieve an outcome that seemed impossible. Most of the time people won’t step outside of their comfort zone because they fear rejection from others. I came up with the idea of a Miracle Box to overcome fear. When you feel discomfort around being able to manifest your big miracle, write it down and pop it in a dedicated box. It could be simple or ornate. The idea is that it acts as a mailbox to your Spirit. P: The chapter on “Believing in Your Ability” is powerful. Why do you think this is so hard for people? G: People are hardwired with negative conditioning. They’ve been told so many times they can’t or shouldn’t, that they don’t even try and if they do try, it is short-lived. Some people have an inner critic that is highly vocal, and others have a draining thought-process that is so subtle, it’s hard to recognize the difference between fear as a warning sign that could avert pain, heartache or danger and someone else’s naysayer attitude that holds them back from their ability to breakthrough. The Mindful Minute Having trouble meditating? Joanna suggests even one “mindful minute” every day can help. Close your eyes. Place your hand over your heart and take a deep inhale, hold for a moment and then exhale. Observe your thoughts. Allow yourself to feel. This will bring you to a state of more awareness. Someone typically has trouble meditating because they are scared to feel the depth of their emotions. They fear they may lose control yet the suppressed energy is interfering with their natural intuition. Purely focusing on inhaling and exhaling brings clarity to your relation- ships and circumstances. A “mindful minute” is an opportunity to center in your heart and get attuned to what is most important to you. P: Your book helps readers tackle everything—from self- confidence to finances. Why do all these categories add up to ultimate success? G: Everyone has their own personal definition of ultimate success. It’s vital that each person gives themselves permission to feel great about the big miracles they want to create. No dream is too big or small. I’ve noticed that people get uncom- fortable sharing their vision of ultimate success because they fear judgment and rejection. Ultimate success is relative. For one person, it may be running a multi-million dollar company and winning awards, for another it may be getting married and building a dream home. Ultimate success is when you feel happy, grateful and peaceful in all areas of your life. n Garzilli’s 5 Quick Tips for Immediate Success 1. Review what’s working and what isn’t working in your life today. This helps you get present to reality. It filters out the negativity of others and puts a spotlight on your strengths and the good things that are happening for you. 2. Commit to one action daily that supports your big miracle goal. It doesn’t have to be work-related. It could be getting a reflexology treatment, taking a nap, researching a conference or making a family dinner. 3. Ask yourself: what am I resisting? Why? This will remove the feeling of overwhelm and will help you gain perspective of your circumstances. 4. Set a spiritual intention. It means you’re serious about creating a big miracle breakthrough. You do this by thinking about what you truly want for your relationships, career, finances, or health. 5. We all make mistakes, it’s one of the ways we grow and it’s imperative we forgive ourselves to allow success in. Write a mistakes inventory to clear stuck mental energy. CLICK HERE to Downlo ad Garzilli’s 11 Spiritual Rules for Ultimate Success quick-guide. May 2017 ■ PULSE 27