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Creating success for yourself can be difficult at times . The outside
noise can sometimes be louder than our own thoughts and intentions .
Joanna Garzilli , intuition coach and author of Big Miracles : The 11
Spiritual Rules for Ultimate Success , helps her clients overcome the outside noise and inner demons to allow themselves to achieve their version of success .
“ Since I was six years old , I have been fascinated by the meaning of life ,” remembers Garzilli . “ I ’ d often ask my parents , what happens when you die ? Are there Chinese restaurants in heaven ? How can I take people ’ s pain away ? In my 20s , I traveled the world and met spiritual leaders , healers and teachers from indigenous cultures including : Native American , Peruvian , Maori and more . I learned they were all teaching the same thing in a variation of forms .”
Garzilli took what she learned and turn it into a curriculum to help business leaders , entrepreneurs and celebrities find success . In this month ’ s Conversations , Pulse asks about her spiritual rules for success and how easy it is to apply to your life .
PULSE : Where did the 11 rules come from ? Why 11 ? Garzilli : I saw a need for practical , easy-to-follow spiritual ideas and tools that would help my clients get on track so when they got stuck , they ’ d have specific action steps they could implement to breakthrough . The more clients I worked with , the more of a pattern I saw . They had different life stories and challenges , but there were commonalities .
P : Your first rule in the book is “ align with Spirit .” Can Spirit be different to different people ? Explain . G : Spirit will appear in the form that resonates for an individual . One way to think of “ Spirit ” is as an intangible and invisible energy that is everywhere . It has the ability to create people , environments , inventions and solutions seemingly from nothing . In Big Miracles , I lead with the idea that you are first and foremost a spiritual being : a mind and body animated by Spirit . When you understand that you are Spirit and Spirit is you , life becomes very exciting because you can see the opportunities available to you .
P : Your book includes several journaling and meditation exercises . How do these help readers on their journey ? G : A key to creating a big miracle breakthrough is cultivating awareness . The journaling and meditation exercises quickly
help you become aware of subtle patterns that can create havoc in your relationships when they go unrecognized . The act of writing , whether it be by hand onto a page or fingers on your keyboard assists you in accepting responsibility for your thoughts and feelings . Anyone struggling with weight issues or low energy levels will benefit from using miracle journaling because the exercises address the root of the problem . If you feel at an impasse in a relationship , the meditation exercises will increase your compassion so you can decide whether to move on or recommit with a truly open heart .
Garzilli ’ s new book is available on harpercollins . com .
P : Why do you believe meditation is essential for a fulfilled life ? G : Meditation shows you the gift of who you are . It is a doorway to your greatest potential . Meditation also acts as a rear-view mirror to reveal your blind spots . I like to think of meditation as teeth cleaning for your mind , body and spirit . You get the most benefit when you do it morning and night . It doesn ’ t have to be for long periods of time : a mindful minute can put you in spiritual alignment for your day ahead , giving you the ability to feel good about the choices you make . If you ’ ve had a tough day , five minutes of meditation before going to sleep will bring you the gift
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