Pulse March / April 2016 | Page 30

The New Girl Starts on Monday… Now What? BY MERIT GEST SCENARIO 1: Things are going well and your spa is very busy. You are in a catch 22—too busy to take the time to add more staff but too busy to keep up the pace without more help. Your plan is to find someone with experience who can jump in and start working, someone who doesn’t need training. SCENARIO 2: Only one of the last five people you hired is still with you 30 days later. Three of them would have been great and you were sorry they left so quickly. They were busy right away, so what went wrong? SOUND FAMILIAR? n the first scenario, the spa is limited in their pool of candidates by those who can come in and “hit the ground running.” Most likely, because the spa is so busy, you won’t have time to train them and the new hires will be left on their own to do things the way they’ve learned elsewhere, which may be quite a different process from your own. The danger, of course, is that clients have inconsistent experiences at the spa and may not return. You stand to lose not only the investment in hiring that person, but also repeat I 28 PULSE ■ March/April 2016 business from clientele. In the second scenario, a potential top performer that leaves too soon creates more costs in terms of time and effort you’ll have to put back into the hiring process, not to mention the potential negative press that spreads like wildfire across social media, making it tougher for you to hire the next person. These two different scenarios share a common solution…deliberate onboarding, which addresses the following questions: l How do you ramp up top performers fast? l l l How do you weed out nonperformers fast? How do you create an environment where people want to give their all and stay forever? How do you protect the investment of time, money and effort that you’ve already poured into the hiring process? Deliberate onboarding is the process of mapping out the expectations you have of new hires and creating specific training experiences to help them succeed. Here are the four steps: