Pulse March / April 2016 | Page 53

AT A GLANCE “It is of utmost importance for spa owners to request that their suppliers have oils that are GC/MS tested. So many companies make claims that their oils are pure and therapeutic, when they don’t have this testing done. It is literally impossible for a company to validate the quality of their oils without this test. It is also important to use essential oils in organic carrier oils and lotions, since the carrier oils are usually 95 to 99 percent of an aromatherapy product that is applied to the skin. Pure essential oils are extremely potent and should always be diluted prior to application. Each spa should consider their unique clientele to select which essential oil products to carry, as there are many selections. Providing a variety of choices that reflect your customers’ needs will put you in their graces.” l l l CARY CASTER CEO, 21 Drops Delray Beach, Florida Aromatherapy Brands “When considering any aromatherapy product or process, first ensure the client finds the aroma to be pleasing. Humans have some 5 million scent glands and you don’t want to offend any of them! Second, ensure that the product is pure. Purity is important and petrochemical diluents are absolutely forbidden.”