Pulse March 2019 - Page 61

every associate carries a secret dream hidden in their heart. our role as joy-led leaders is to invest in and harness the power of those dreams. it may seem strange, even imprac- tical to help employees chase their dreams, but remember rarE leaders don’t do the common thing. matthew Kelly, author of The Dream Manager states that “when you help people accomplish their dreams, they will do just about anything for you.” When we live out our dreams, no matter how big or small, we experience a sense of joy. That joy is contagious. as leaders, we don’t want people just to survive: we want them to flourish, because then our businesses will thrive. Everyone in your spa plays a role in creating a culture of joy, but as a leader you have a tremendous amount of influence on how that culture is shaped. Begin shaping your culture today by putting these next steps into play! n STAY TUNED to upcoming issues of Pulse for part two, which covers appreciating your assets and returning to your joy, and part three, which discusses how to elevate the energy of your workplace. Next Steps for Rediscovering Your Relationships: l ask your employees to describe how your company makes them feel in three words; see if it aligns with your social script assessment. l Do an intentional act of kindness each day for one of your associates. l have your team take marcus Buckingham’s Standout Strengths assessment, or try the Enneagram Inventory at https://www.exploreyourtype.com/details. l Start a conversation with your associates by asking them, “what is your dream?” hAve Your teAm trY the enneAgrAm InventorY DAWN KAISER is an author and speaker who specializes in energizing groups to unleash joy in the workplace. Dawn was a speaker at the 2017 ISPa conference & Expo. march n PULSE 2019 59