Pulse March 2019 - Page 32

MEMBER PERSPECTIVES This is why Lindsey Sappenfield, assistant spa director at the Don cesar resort hotel, thinks about culture fit throughout the hiring process. “it’s essential to identify with whom on our team this new team member will connect,” says Sappenfield. if she’s unsure of what their “tribe” will be, then it’s unlikely that they’ll be a good fit. Sappenfield also looks for “excitement for the industry and our location” when interviewing candidates, as well. While one can teach skills and processes, it is much more difficult—if not impossible—to teach attitude, personality and optimism, according to Sappenfield. Therefore, she’s willing to take on “someone fresh out of school with passion and a good personality” over “a qualified therapist who may not be a good fit due to their attitude.” This ‘culture-first’ approach has led to a staff with tremendous longevity—several employees have spent more than two decades working at the Don cesar. once the right employees are in place, Sappenfield fosters a culture of camaraderie by organizing several staff outings every year, encouraging the team to A culture-first approach can also improve a spa's retail sales. volunteer together and including a teamwork-based game in every staff meeting. in the end, Sappenfield wants the spa at the Don cesar resort hotel to have a culture that emphasizes a feeling of family, teamwork and laughter. “We don’t expect perfection, but we do expect honesty and respect,” says Sappenfield. That idea was echoed by both Bordeaux-Johlfs and ah Sam. for each of them, the ideal spa culture cultivates a feeling of family between staff members. This caring camaraderie then radiates outward to the spa’s guests, resulting in exceptional service and inspiring repeat customers. in that way, developing a positive workplace culture doesn’t just make working in the spa industry more meaningful, fun and rewarding: it makes it more profitable, too. n F E AT U R E D S O U R C E S Camaraderie is an important aspect of the culture at the Kahala Hotel and Resort. 30 PULSE n march 2019 SUZY BORDEAUX-JOHLFS GLORIA AH SAM LINDSEY SAPPENFIELD Spa Director Director of Spa and Wellness Assistant Spa Director SILVERADO RESORT & SPA THE KAHALA HOTEL AND RESORT THE DON CESAR RESORT HOTEL