Pulse Legacy Archive November 2011

PULSE 2011 ISPA CONFERENCE & EXPO EDITION NOVEMBER 2011 E X P E R I E N C E I S PA . CO M L SPECIA e ous FarmH d n Fresh a ct rodu New P inserts Guide inside! NavigatiNg the Road to Business SucceSS Exclusive on Digital Pulse! ● Life is good CEO and 2011 ISPA Conference speaker Bert Jacobs’ advice on how to spread positivity at work 25 ● Questions to ask when engaging corporate markets ● Download-friendly Mayo Clinic Healing Enhancement Program research ● ISPA Medical Advisor and Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Brent Bauer on global health issues ● ® ● 38 42 44 Washington Spa Alliance on long-term plans and collaborative partnership 47 The CAPS System and the Hiring Commitment Card 68