Pulse January 2023 | Page 59

New Offerings

1 . Last September , Green II Gold presented a workshop for spa professionals at the ECOFIBRE headquarters in Georgetown , Kentucky , in collaboration with Lightstim to discuss the benefits of CBD in skin care combined with LED light therapy . Not only did the techniques and products demonstrated create an immediate improvement in the appearance of the skin , but the client ’ s overall wellness also improved . The improvement was evaluated and quantified in real time by Dr . Codrin Blosiu using FDAapproved technology to measure , among other areas , neurological stress resistance before and after the treatment .
2 . Noel Asmar Uniforms marked its 20th anniversary with the launch of Asmar Scrubs — a new collection of “ made for the way you move ” eco-friendly uniforms designed to serve the growing healthcare and medical spa market .“ We elevated spa uniforms 20 years ago and since that time we ’ ve seen an evolution in the spa and wellness industry . We identified a shift as more medical focused treatments are being offered and new approaches to wellness and self-care are emerging ,” says founder and CEO Noel Asmar .
3 . Hydrothermal spa and wellness specialist Design for Leisure ( DFL ) has unveiled a new Event Sauna Services program in a bid to better accommodate the growing demand for European-style communal , social sauna experiences in the U . S . and U . K . Event saunas are large saunas that typically accommodate at least 10 people , but the largest in the world hosts up to 300 . In addition to housing more people than a typical sauna cabin , they also provide enough space for sauna masters to perform Aufguss rituals or lead group classes , like meditation or breathwork .
4 . Kohler Waters Spa released the Stillness Bath treatment as the latest addition to its offering of luxury spa experiences and innovative bathing technologies . Available exclusively at Kohler Waters Spa at Destination Kohler , the treatment stimulates a sanctuary-like bathing experience for self-care and wellbeing . The deep soak of the Stillness Bath is inspired by traditional Japanese forest bathing practices and promotes a natural experience designed to enhance the senses , quiet the mind and provide full relaxation .
5 . Burke Williams launched its newest treatment offering , the Tranquility Massage , which features massage therapy integrated with the healing effects of sound to create a calming experience . Designed to bring the body and mind into a state of deep relaxation , it utilizes singing bowls hand-crafted by Nepalese artisans who add a personalized touch to each bowl , with the bowl sets tuned in harmony with one another .