Pulse January 2023 | Page 4


Patrick Huey We Care Spa
ERICA DHAWAN WILL BE A SPEAKER AT THE ISPA CONFERENCE THIS MAY , and one of her best-known books is called Get Big Things Done . I don ’ t want to steal her thunder when she speaks to us in Las Vegas — or when she responds in the Q-and-A on page 10 — but I am excited about her work around the idea of collective brilliance and harnessing the power of our networks and our relationships to get the big things done .
To solve problems . I know that word “ collective ” can scare us ( or is it we ) Americans . The trait of rugged individualism is bred into our DNA . But it seems to me we have learned we are better together than we are in our individual silos . What is the sound of one hand clapping ?
As we roll into 2023 , we should think about this idea of collective brilliance as we seek to answer the big questions we carry into this new year . The questions around labor . How do we attract people , and how do we keep people ? ( Town Hall panelists share insights on page 54 .) The questions around who has access to wellness in our communities . Is wellness only for those who can afford it or do we all benefit when more of us can be emotionally , spiritually and physically well ? ( Check out Mia Kyricos ’ s story on page 26 .) The questions around the future of the industry . Are we prepared for the quickly evolving needs of a consumer who is looking for a deeper , more meaningful connection in their wellbeing journeys and not just a fancy headline or celebrity endorsement ?
What I loved about ISPA Conference 2022 and the few shows I attended in the year we just bid adieu was the number of new faces on the spa scene . Eager faces who will come to the table with fresh ideas , who will shake up and disrupt us because they will be asking different questions and coming from outside of our usual networks . All great harbingers for us to make some headway on tough issues .
So , Happy New Year ! Let ’ s hope 2023 is the year of silo breaking , vigorous reimagining and both hands clapping .
Kelleye Martin The Edgewater Spa
Immediate Past Chair Todd Shaw Fountain Life
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