Pulse January 2023 | Page 28

Democratizing and Humanizing Wellness We can make progress in 2023 toward a universal , aspirational goal

FOLLOWING LAST FALL ’ S ELECTION SEASON here in the United States , I have found myself increasingly reflective of the state of our country , our world and , yes , the business of wellness . I ’ ve had to push the limits of my own optimism these days while relying heavily on my meditation and breathing practices .
I often wonder if leaders of wellness-driven businesses feel the same way , especially after what we ’ ve all been through these past several years .
Gratefully , I spent the last several weeks before the holidays on the road , domestically and internationally , visiting clients , attending conferences and even saying hello to my alma mater ( Go , Big Red !). It ’ s inspired me , if not fueled me , to discover some gold lining in our wide world of wellness – provided we ’ re all willing to mine for it .
While in Tel Aviv for the 2022 Global Wellness Summit , Mia Kyricos enjoyed a day trip with ISPA Foundation Chair Frank Pitsikalis ( pictured right ), and also attended meetings at the Cornell University SC Johnson College of Business and with the Cornell Dean ' s Advisory Board .