Pulse January 2023 | Page 56



Adapting the Renaissance to the Real World

JESSICA WADLEY represented Town Hall sponsor Oakworks Inc , designer of medical , spa and massage tables and accessories . Jessica shared valuable tips about capital expenditures , ADA compliance , and how budgeting considerations may affect attracting and hiring great employees .
IN A TOWN HALL MEETING recapped in the final issue of Pulse last year , four panelists discussed “ The Great Attraction : Turning Resignation into Renaissance .” Their focus was making workplaces attractive to prospective and existing employees .
Recently , ISPA Chairman Patrick Huey asked a new panel of spa leaders to continue the conversation about applying exceptional hiring practices to attract and retain talent . Charlotte Prescott ( Fisher Island Club ), Marci Howard-May ( Red Mountain Resort ), Megan Jasper ( Gadabout SalonSpas and VerVe Salons ) and Justin Vanderpoel ( Fairmont Scottsdale Princess ) offered perspectives from their own spas about implementing the “ renaissance ” into a post-Covid world that has new demands and expectations .
CHANGING THE INTERVIEW PROCESS The four panelists reviewed the fraught issue of staffing and found common ground on two points .
First , in today ’ s demanding employment market , spas must move quickly through the process from application and interview to job offer . Charlotte Prescott of Miami ’ s Fisher Island Club noted ,“ We ’ ve abbreviated our interview process ” since the pandemic to meet new job-seeker expectations , and Justin Vanderpoel of Arizona ’ Fairmont Scottsdale Princess agreed .“ We don ’ t want to drag it out — because we know people are going to take another offer if we don ’ t move quickly .”
“ We ’ re trying to be super-fast and not have multiple layers of interviews ,” added Megan Jasper of Tucson , Arizona ’ s Gadabout SalonSpas and VerVe Salons .“ The inter-