Pulse January 2023 | Page 30

tion .” And author Rina Raphael in her
latest book , The Gospel of Wellness ,
cites the ongoing decline of organized
religion as a reason why so
many consumers , in their quest for
meaning and fulfillment , have
turned to the world of wellness .
For some creative leaders , this is an
invitation to consider how to
positively impact financial and
spiritual wellbeing , not just physical
or mental wellbeing .
Watch the metaverse and other digital
platforms for opportunities to
Calling All Spa and Wellness Leaders
As the industry looks to rebuild and
better operate in this post-pandemic
world , we stand to become integral to
the fabric of our local communities by
making wellness more approachable
and accessible to everyday consumers .
Here are some practical and creative
ways property leaders can help :
Lead the way , locally . How you are
perceived in your community matters . Consider partnering with local officials to organize weekly walks , digital mindfulness breaks or other free events that position your business as a wellness resource beyond the menu of services you offer . In addition , establish referral protocols with other health practitioners and medical professionals who believe your offering can be positioned to their clients as part of a holistic recipe for health and self-care . Reinvent common social practices l
l like happy hours and coffee breaks . Along the same lines , where possible , turn your properties into venues where traditionally unhealthy social gatherings can be reinvented , and where your guests can reconnect to their neighbors . Better yet , reward them for bringing a friend . Bundle mini treatments for new clients to trial . Consider costeffective ways to bundle 10-minute treatments and offer them on site or on the campuses of local businesses . Be sure to market the health benefits of your services ( hint : wellnessevidence . com is a great resource ) and perhaps offer incentives for repeat or first-time business . Consider tapping into financial and spiritual wellbeing in some way . Economist Thierry Malleret recently reminded me “ it is impossible to feel physically and mentally well while in state of financial depriva- extend your services . A growing number of consumers are already comfortable taking a fitness class or a mindfulness break from the comfort of their own homes or offices . For destination wellness retreats and resorts in particular , the metaverse could provide opportunities to replicate their one-of-a-kind locations for those who may never get the chance to experience them in person . l Finally , when all else fails , take a walk in your customers ’ shoes . No innovation in the world will beat an authentic attempt to care for someone ’ s wellbeing . Imagine what could happen when we make our services available to segments of the population who have felt unseen by us or believe wellbeing services are unreachable to them .
It ’ s time we democratize access to the kind of preventative self-care we know to be effective and further humanize the way we connect with one another . n
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MIA KYRICOS ( pictured with her husband James ) is the founder and Chief Love Officer ( CEO ) of Kyricos & Associates LLC , a consultancy dedicated to advancing the business of wellness worldwide ( kyricos . com ). Follow her work and ideas on LinkedIn and Twitter .