Pulse January 2022 - Page 4



HERE AT THE DAWN OF 2022 , we are in a time of transition , and I don ’ t just mean the transition into a new year . The reality is that life has changed in the last two years , and all of us have been changed along with it , in one way or another . New realizations , new priorities and new opportunities are leading to incredible shifts in both our personal lives and our work lives . By the millions , people are charting new paths and seeking fresh purpose . So historic is the impact of all this movement , it has been given its own name : “ The Great Resignation .”
I am on a new path myself . After almost 30 years in the hotel industry , I moved into the world of private social clubs and left Southern California for Boston , Massachusetts . And in the quiet days during the height of the pandemic , I also began to work on a childhood dream : having my own talk show . The first step on that path ? Creating my own podcast and putting it out into the world , hopeful that it will add some joy to listeners ’ lives .
We often talk about “ the spa industry ” in these pages , but as we enter 2022 , let ’ s remember that so many of the individuals who make our industry what it is are on new paths as well . So much of what we know about the spa industry has been transformed , and we are still in the process of reimagining so much more . We are , all of us , engaged in defining what the spa industry of the future will look like — our individual impact and collective effort will be felt for years to come . Despite the challenges this kind of reinvention can create , my hope is that we may gracefully honor this journey for the industry and honor our own individual journeys with patience , space and gentleness . In the long run , we ’ ll be glad we did .
But for now , we are in the process of building something familiar , but new ; something that feels the same , but leaves a different type of impression . We are building a new path — together .
Patrick Huey The Quin House
Kelleye Martin The Edgewater Spa
Todd Shaw Fountain Life
Michelle Adams Somerville Woodstock Inn & Resort
Natasha Burns Resorts World Las Vegas
Brennan Evans Trilogy Spa Holdings
Lynelle Lynch Bellus Academy
Dawn MacLellan St . Andrews Country Club
Jay Muller Eight Sleep
Frank Pitsikalis Foundation Chairman ResortSuite
Eric Savage Freedom Spa , LLC
Yvonne Smith Davenport Spa
Jessica Timberlake Éminence Organic Skin Care
ADVISOR TO THE BOARD Garrett Mersberger
Lynne McNees President International SPA Association
MEDICAL ADVISOR Brent A . Bauer , MD Mayo Clinic