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the immediate future . The move left McGee and his team fully prepared to meet demand during the holiday shopping season .
The strategy of increasing PAR levels to offset supply chain issues — and offering clients alternatives when absolutely necessary — has also worked well for [ comfort zone ]. The company has also opted to air ship a small number of larger orders or those made in advance of an opening to ensure clients aren ’ t affected by delays . This step may work out in the short term , but as Denise Vitiello points out , it
FEATURED SOURCES leaves much to be desired as a long-term solution .“ Air shipping is not sustainable and extremely expensive , so we cannot logistically offer it in an ongoing manner ,” she says .
[ comfort zone ] Supply Chain Manager Francesca Mannino adds that the company is also navigating the fluctuating costs of ingredients , packaging materials and shipping , noting that one container traveling from an Italian port to one in New York has tripled in cost in just one year . Like Dazzle Dry , [ comfort zone ] responded by focusing on keeping best sellers and those products that bring the most value to their partners .
As a smaller business , Boulevard has also attempted to remain nimble in the face of raw materials shortages . Christina Oh says that this more flexible approach has meant getting creative when orders — especially large ones — come in . In some cases , Oh has sourced materials locally to avoid shipping altogether and then worked with clients to create alternative or custom orders that meet their needs , even if the client originally had their eyes on another Boulevard product . Oh says that buyers have appreciated her nimble approach and are relieved to let her present a customized solution .“ We find more and more that they ’ re kind of relying on us to organize for them ,” she says .
Resource partners and their spa clients alike will be hopeful that 2022 will bring relief from the supply chain issues that , for now , they are stuck dealing with at seemingly every turn . In the meantime , says Denise Vitiello , understanding and flexibility on both sides of the equation will go a long way toward seeing the industry out of these challenging days .“ I like to share with people that business is like a dance , and both parties need to participate to allow a beautiful flow . Good business partners are willing to be honest about the good , the bad and the ugly so that they can grow . We are all certainly trying our best .” n
BRIAN McGEE Manager of Business Development DAZZLE DRY
DENISE VITIELLO Vice President of Business Development [ COMFORT ZONE ]