Pulse January 2022 - Page 30



Supply Chain Blues

FOR MUCH OF THE LAST SEVERAL MONTHS , supply chain issues and shipping slowdowns have left businesses and consumers wondering when — or even if — they will receive products or items they have ordered . If you have visited a grocery store or placed an online shopping order at any point in the last several months , it ’ s likely that you have seen evidence of these issues firsthand in the form of bare shelves and rising prices .
Of course , many spa leaders don ’ t have to look elsewhere to attest to the ways in which shortages and delays have impacted businesses because they ’ re dealing with that impact every day in one way or another . Everything from basic daily supplies to vital treatment-related products have sometimes been hard to come by . But resource partners face their own distinct challenges in trying to meet rising demand amid frequent shifts in shipping costs and the availability of essential items and ingredients . These unique issues often require previously unheard-of adjustments and innovations . Pulse caught up with three resource partner members to discover how they ’ re navigating the current moment and how other resource partners might set themselves up for success .
Transparent Communication Saying “ communication is key ” between resource partners and their spa clients is akin to saying “ water is wet ;” it ’ s so obvious that it may seem silly to mention . However , some spas have indicated that their partners haven ’ t been as responsive as is typical , which can lead to serious frustration when dealing with potential disruptions in product availability and the like .
That ’ s one reason why Denise Vitiello , vice president of business development for [ comfort zone ], wanted to communicate frequently and straightforwardly with spa leaders , even when the news being shared isn ’ t ideal .“ Our team has been very transparent with our clients about any and all challenges ,” says Vitiello .“ We ’ ve begun an “ Out of Stock ” daily report which is sent to our business