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“ I learned that I need to partner with a variety of different vendors and to find local vendors like seamstresses and designers who can design custom items for our members .”
pany that uses Great Salt Lake salts in a variety of its products , including bath bombs and mineral soaks . It makes a variety of products ( including CBD products ) for Sego Lily ’ s services . Now , the product maker has become Sego Lily ’ s biggest partner . The relationship is highly collaborative : Ojavan creates local products unique to Sego Lily in order to meet the spa ’ s needs . “ We can go to them and say , ‘ Hey , we ’ re thinking about doing XYZ ,” says Draper . “ And they ’ ll say , ‘ Okay , give us two months and we ’ ll find a way to make that for you .’ It ’ s really fun for both of us and it ’ s a partnership with benefits for both of us .”
Making It Work As Draper alludes to above , an effective partnership has to benefit both partners , and the best thing you can do in any partnership is to make it as easy as possible on the other person , according to Draper . “ Think about the other person , because if you can make it about them , they ’ ll reciprocate and they ’ ll make it about you ,” Draper adds . “ Sometimes we get so caught up in our own agenda that we forget that other people are involved — that there ’ s another human on the other side .”
Beyond that , the biggest risk to a successful partnership is , simply put , the failure of the partner ’ s business . New local businesses can be unstable , so it ’ s wise not to put too many eggs in one basket . “ The biggest threat is just that your partner might go under ,” comments Lewis . “ Other than one partner that decided to no longer run the business , we ’ ve been pretty successful and consistent with our partners .” n

“ I learned that I need to partner with a variety of different vendors and to find local vendors like seamstresses and designers who can design custom items for our members .”


Quick Questions with Mia Kyricos

Pulse asked Mia Kyricos , the president of Kyricos & Associates and former global head of wellbeing for Hyatt , for her input on the most and least effective kinds of partnerships , plus her top tip on how to exit from a partnership with grace .
Pulse : What are the most effective partnerships , generally ? Mia Kyricos : The ones that are the timeliest . Right now , I think about schools and educators . I think of healthcare workers . I think of police departments . It would be pioneering for a local community spa to go into those places or even have curated products for them based on the nature of their jobs — reaching out to the underserved communities that feel spa is not for them . The other one that comes to mind are residential communities , condos , et cetera . Spa should be the bridge to these groups and communities that don ’ t feel seen or supported .
P : On the flip side of that , what often doesn ’ t work out the way one might hope it would ? K : Technology-based partnerships . I think it ’ s great from an operational standpoint , but I ’ ve often seen that spas go too far . Even something that ’ s as little as putting an iPad out in the reception area , or having customers access an app or digital fitness service , can feel out of place in a spa . People are so thirsty for the power of touch , and spa is a chance to disconnect from devices . It ’ s not that there ’ s not a place for technology , particularly in urban spas or those that cater to business travelers . But I do recommend considering partnerships that place technology in the spa carefully , because there is a time and a place — and I don ’ t think we ’ ve always picked the right time and place .
P : What should spas keep in mind when ending a partnership ? K : Always part ways with love . It sounds ridiculously cheesy , but the reality is that too many times those partnerships break up in a negative way , and that shines negatively on everybody . At the end of the day , both partners have a business to run , and a partnership that made great sense at the start might make less sense five years later . So , find a way to part with love .