Pulse January 2022 - Page 28

“ Think about the other person , because if you can make it about them , they ’ ll reciprocate and they ’ ll make it about you .”
“ Partnering with local businesses like these allows us to expand our programs while also bringing a little bit of locality to our guests .” This locality extends to the spa ’ s retail area , which offers the local products for sale to spa-goers . Although Cliff House Maine doesn ’ t market these local products much on social media or in its advertising , the local presence is still easily noticeable by those who would be interested .“ We actively speak about these local products to customers across the property . It ’ s also in the language of the menu ,” Lewis notes .
Ocean Reef Club partners with local businesses to offer “ sixty to seventy trunk shows ” to its guests throughout its high season , says Barron .“ I learned that I need to partner with a variety of different vendors and to find local vendors
like seamstresses and designers who can design custom items for our members ,” Barron adds . Because Ocean Reef Club is a gated community on relatively-remote Key Largo , its members rely on the spa ’ s trunk shows for much of their shopping . By collaborating with local vendors , Barron is able to increase the value offered to the Club ’ s members .
To integrate local partnership deep within your spa ’ s DNA , consider working with a local product maker for your back bar . Sego Lily Spa partners with Ojavan , a Utah com-

“ Think about the other person , because if you can make it about them , they ’ ll reciprocate and they ’ ll make it about you .”

A partnership with local fresh food sources may be in Sego Lily Spa ' s future .

Impactful Collaborations

We asked each source featured about a partnership they ’ ve seen that they found particularly impactful , inspiring or intriguing — in essence , a partnership they ’ d like to implement at their own spas .
“ I would love to offer a food menu by somebody local and fresh . I would like to be able to provide a wholesome food option for the people who come and spend three , four or five hours here in a day .”
— Alisa Draper , Sego Lily Spa
“ I always get so impressed when spas offer food and beverage that I know is healthy and good . I get so excited when I see little bento boxes to take home or a smoothie to have before or after a treatment . I think third-party partnerships that can plug into guests ’ desire for something that ’ s nurturing them inside and out are an untapped opportunity .”
— Mia Kyricos , Kyricos & Associates
“ Working with a local bike shop that can supply us and our guests . It ties into wellness . It ’ s something that ’ s been on my mind for some time , but we don ’ t necessarily have the space to keep the bikes or the ability to manage their upkeep .”
— Dinara Lewis , Cliff House Maine
“ New kinds of recycling — recycling the waste you use with foils , the containers you use for facials . I was really inspired by that because we don ’ t get a second chance with our planet . It made me want to think about how to better dispose of or recycle all that we use .”
— Jill Barron , Ocean Reef Club