Pulse January 2022 - Page 25

AS TRAVELERS AND SPA-GOERS RETURN to favorite destinations and new locations alike in 2022 , they will be on the hunt for top-shelf experiences that restore a sense of well-being and leave them feeling thoroughly rested and rejuvenated .
More and more frequently , these wellness-focused guests are turning to spas to keep them centered and balanced , which means it ’ s never been more important to appeal to returning and potential guests alike with the kinds of high-end treatments and services that speak most directly to their needs . For spas seeking to meet strong guest demand and deliver a boost in revenue at this critical moment , it makes more sense than ever to offer special opportunities for guests to experience the best of what they have to offer .
But for spa leaders facing staffing challenges and working to keep operations running smoothly , curating new offerings or launching and managing a new marketing initiative to reach more spa-goers can be a tall task . At the same time , high demand for spa services means there has never been a better time for spas to reach new guests and turn first visits into lasting relationships . That ’ s where the expertise and experience of the team at Travelzoo comes in .
Rather than relying solely on typical marketing methods to pair discerning guests with unforgettable treatments , services and package experiences , spas , resorts and hotels can work with Travelzoo to drive new guests through their doors — and keep them coming back .
Nearly 30 million members look to Travelzoo to provide them with great things to do , which the company does by partnering only with top brands to offer great deals on a wide range of four- and five-star experiences .
Unlike deal sites geared largely toward bargain shoppers , Travelzoo is a true partner , working closely with high-end spa and hospitality businesses to bring exclusive and unforgettable experiences to guests


“... spas , resorts and hotels can work with Travelzoo to drive new guests through their doors .”
who favor the finer things , whether that means a personalized couples ’ getaway day or a relaxing spa and room package . The Travelzoo team works with spa leaders to curate custom deals ,
determine campaign goals and drive additional revenue , all without sacrificing well-established brand standards .
Travelzoo also works with leaders to analyze year-over-year
performance and craft deals that raise revenues specifically during “ shoulder ” or off-peak periods , adjusting as needed to optimize campaign performance and take advantage of spas ’ individual needs . Great spas deliver first-class experiences to their guests . It only makes sense , then , that spas seeking to share those experience with a growing number of guests work with partners whose reputation has been built on doing the same .