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THE 2022 ISPA CONFERENCE WILL BRING THE ISPA COMMUNITY TOGETHER in person for the first time since 2019 , but that ’ s not the only reason that this year ’ s event is shaping up to be one of the most memorable ever . An impressive lineup of Power Session speakers and the wide range of educational opportunities on tap for 2022 mean that each day will be packed with inspiration and practical takeaways sure to reinvigorate attendees as our industry continues to recover from the events of the past two years .
In coming issues of Pulse , we ’ ll introduce our Power Session speakers and give them a chance to share more about themselves and their work in advance of the big event in May . First up : Dan Heath , entrepreneurial expert , bestselling author , renowned speaker and Senior Fellow at Duke University ’ s CASE Center .
Pulse : What does your work at Duke University ’ s CASE center look like in practice ? DAN HEATH : I ’ m a “ Senior Fellow ” at CASE , which is basically a glorified volunteer position . Over the years , I ’ ve been involved with lots of programs and events that share the same spirit , which is to encourage and support MBA students who are interested in using their talents to create positive social impact . ignore anything and anyone else . But there ’ s a new breed of entrepreneurs who are blending charity and business . VisionSpring , for instance , has developed a for-profit model for selling eyeglasses very cheaply in the developing world . So is it a business ? Yes . But its actual mission is to help people see . The point of making money is mainly to lessen their dependence on donors and to reach more people who need the glasses . So money is a means to an end rather than The End . I find that blended model very intriguing and hopeful .
P : Why does the “ social good ” aspect of entrepreneurship interest you ? H : When I grew up , there was “ charity ”— like soup kitchens and such — and there was “ business .” There was a bright line between the two . If you were in business , then you were supposed to pursue profits ruthlessly and