Pulse February / March 2023 | Page 42

their pillowcase every night for a week , they will notice a big difference in their son ’ s skin . The minute you can teach a teenager that good oil fights bad oil and that their skin is producing this oil for a reason , then they start to understand .
Pulse : As you know , we ’ re struggling to attract people into the industry and keep them in the industry . You mentioned one positive thing for you is that you ’ ve been able to find the balance between your regular clients at the local franchise spa and having the resort spa be your happy place . What ’ s your advice on how we could attract and keep more people ? LH : Agree — the message needs to get out there about the benefits of working in a world class spa . At Miraval , every day when I walk up to work , it ’ s a beautiful view and environment . We ’ re part of the Hyatt family , so we have access to the resort , we get a certain number of nights free anywhere in the world . We used to be able to trade and give facials and massages to each other . Covid put a strain on that , but it ’ ll all come back . They feed us every day . And the Miraval leadership is terrific . They ’ re always checking in , asking how we are doing , what can they do for us and making sure we have all the resources we need . There ’ re not many places like that , and I ’ ve worked a lot of places where you ’ re not as well cared for .
Pulse : Are there any other tips for spa owners or spa managers that would make an esthetician ’ s life better ? LH : It ’ s important to recognize a therapist needs recognition . At Miraval , if a guest leaves a comment , we get a note signed by all the leadership team . They tell us “ thank you ” for that . And that ’ s really fun . We all want to know we ’ re doing a good job . I think it ’ s imperative for spa managers to recognize hard work .
Pulse : In the resort world the working hours and schedules can be challenging . Any advice there ? LH : At my resort we ’ re very fortunate that we can work that out among ourselves . For example , if you want to have “ X ” day off , you can switch . We work together as a team to work out those specifics . We also change the schedule around every four to six months . They ’ re trying right now a mid-shift to see if that works for people . I know some of the massage therapists went to 10 hours , and then they work only three or four days . That flexibility is what people want .
Pulse : Is there anything else that you ’ d like to say to somebody who ’ s considering an esthetics career ? LH : Don ’ t hesitate to do it . You will love it . It ’ s got its ups and downs , and ebbs and flows . But as I said , there ’ s a multitude of things you can do within skincare esthetics . If I was 30 years younger , I would go work on a cruise ship and go to Alaska ! n
Esthetics is a career good for those later in life , too l
We need to introduce esthetics in high schools
Men come for different reasons than women — we need to market and support them specifically
Skin care is more than “ buff and puff ” when you ’ ve got an issue like acne or rosacea
We need to get the message out about the benefits of working in hospitality
Great leaders create a supportive , collaborative culture
Spa leadership benefits from being flexible and creative with scheduling
KRISTINE HUFFMAN LICSW , formerly a partner with Hutchinson Consulting , is a semi-retired hospitality consultant and former ISPA Board member . She brings more than 30 years of experience in hospitality and human services , including providing leadership , psychotherapeutic services , staff training , program development and brand direction for the award-winning Canyon Ranch , Miraval and Travaasa Resorts .