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l a work ethic that does not match your company culture . Once you have determined which applicants meet your initial qualifications , invite the remaining candidates to complete the questionnaire , with submission required before interview requests are extended . Set up a short phone screening . A quick call — rather than an email — to invite the candidate to an interview allows you to hear how they sound and ask a question or two . Perform social media due diligence . Check all social media handles to get a little more background for conversation during the interview , as well as to spot any red flags regarding comments about past employers and colleagues .
Conduct the


First impressions matter ! How a candidate presents themselves at their interview is most likely the type of effort they will put into their appearance and composure at the workplace . Make sure you are prepared with all documentation you need and all questions you would like to pose . Asking a standard set of questions is encouraged as it will allow you to compare responses between candidates — but be prepared to pose followup questions regarding any responses that raise your interest . Make notes during the interview : In addition to serving as a reminder of the candidate ’ s answers , your notes will be helpful in formulating follow-up inquiries for a second interview or for reference checks .
Put them to the

6 . ( TRADE ) TEST

Have every candidate perform a trade test , no matter how highly recommended or experienced the individual is . In fact , you should always have the candidate perform two treatments , one that shows off their strongest talent and one where their application indicates room for improvement . Trade test treatments may be shortened — so if you are hiring a massage therapist , for example , request a 30-minute facial and 15-minute back massage to be able to evaluate their mastery of these different skills . Or you might want to ask for a
nail paint and a 30-minute facial , if providers are responsible for both treatments in your spa . Always combine two . Take note of the candidate ’ s appearance during the trade test : Have they put in effort to appear professional ? Also listen to their dialogue during the treatments : Do they perform a thorough , in-depth consultation and respond appropriately to their guest ’ s conversation ?
Check every


Make reference calls yourself as the owner or manager , regardless of any checks already conducted by a recruiter . Ensure you are speaking to a person who knows the candidate and can give you useful insights and verifiable information . Remember this magic question to ask any previous employer : “ Would you employ this individual again ?” Conducting reference checks thoroughly is immensely valuable no matter how impressed you are by the candidate ’ s background and interview . Remember , to be a talent magnet , you should observe all seven rules in this guide to hiring the right talent . Follow the checklist ! n
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