Pulse #4, Mar 2 2944 - Page 8

For this issue of Pulse we have a very special segment for our readers: an interview with Cloud Imperium Games Community Manager Ben Lesnick! I’d like to thank Ben, both for doing this interview with us and for helping Pulse in so many other ways. He has worked hard to find higher-resolution copies of concept art for us so our readers can enjoy the universe of Star Citizen like never before, and without the Most Valuable Post award for the first issue of Pulse we wouldn’t be where we are today. We asked Ben about the time leading up to his joining Cloud Imperium, his work on Star Citizen, and some of his plans for the game. PULSE: To start things off, could you tell us a little about what attracted you to the Wing Commander series? I know you’ve been a fan for quite some time. For those who haven’t played the early games before, why is that? Ben Lesnick, Age 14 BEN: In all honesty, I’m not sure what drove me to become such a Wing Commander fan! It’s an incredible game and it’s an immersive universe. I was raised a huge geek and was never far from Star Trek or Star Wars or anything of the sort… maybe Wing Commander just seemed like it could be my thing. I was also a huge World War II aviation buff as a kid and at its core Wing Commander is the Pacific War in space. For those that haven’t played, do! It’s $5.99 for Wing Commander I and II on GOG and that is a steal. If you can get past the dated graphics resolution, everything in there is what we want to achieve with Star Citizen. For the first time, you were living a Star Wars style space opera where your successes and defeats really mattered. Hard to imagine an easier pitch! CIG TALK: BEN LESNICK BY FEYLAN game they released that year, Secret Ops. We built an incredible community over the years of truly hardcore Wing Commander fans, or “Wingnuts”… and as Electronic Arts lost interest in the series, I had the opportunity to start looking at the history of how the games were developed, preserving old design notes and concept art and in the process meeting a lot of the people I work with today. WCNews is still around today and I occasionally write articles for it… and the friends I made working on the site are the people I’m closest to today. PULSE: In the interview you had with Sandi, you mentioned that you’ve done quite a bit of work on various Wing Commander projects, including a Game Boy Advance version of Wing Commander Prophecy as well as the Xbox Live Arcade version of Wing Commander Arena. How did that come about? BEN: That all came from being the biggest fan! Whenever anyone had a Wing Commander project they were trying to release (and this happened on average maybe twice a Ben Lesnick, AgE ? year between 2000 and 2012) they would come to us for advice… and generally be very impressed with our enthusiasm. For every game H[Y