Pulse #4, Mar 2 2944 - Page 7

BlackJack instantly swung around and looked at the aft display, but saw nothing around the Twins. No visible ship, moving lights, shadows, nothing. Frenchy was already swinging the mining laser arms around to point rearwards. Suddenly Media’s gatlings flashed. “Find the fucking target!” Media had switched her guns’ beams to dispersion mode, designed for warning shots or hitting ground targets. However, out here in space the flashes spread and flickered like strobe lights - and illuminated the previously hidden black ship to their aft. Wondering why the radar had not given the slightest warning, BlackJack hit the main thruster and twisted the control sticks to turn the ship right and down back towards the surface, already close. Frenchy yelled, “Media switched back, she’s hitting the bastard! Burn ‘em baby burn ‘em!” With BlackJack working the co